Gov Brown Signs SB792, Forcing Day Care Workers To Vaccinate

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October 11, 2015 – Senator Tony Mendoza’s (D-Artesia) bill, SB792, has been signed by Governor Brown. The bill is know also as the Day Care Center Worker Vaccination Bill and will force all day care center employees to be vaccinated or promptly be unemployed.

According to Gold Rush Scam.

“I thank Governor Brown for signing SB 792,” said Senator Tony Mendoza. “With the deadly outbreaks of measles and influenza this year, we must do everything in our power to protect California’s children who spend time in day care.”

The law also strengthens the general idea of mandatory vaccination across the state of California, which seems to be the end game in terms of what the goal is. California already has the strictest vaccination laws in the country.

This furthers the idea that all people who seek to maintain any semblance of parental and human rights must be vigilant, and be heard. The Government’s assault on our basic human rights doesn’t show any indication of stopping.

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