Is Rotavirus Mutating Due To Vaccine?


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A rise in Rotavirus. Will they blame anti-vaxxers again, or just come up with a “new vaccine?”

An article on St. Louis Today is discussing a rise in Rotavirus cases around the St. Louis region. You can read it here. One of the core questions being asked is if the Rotavirus is mutating away from the current vaccine regimen, or has a new strain completely spawned.

The local disease pattern held last winter, when 65 babies and toddlers were hospitalized with rotavirus at St. Louis and Mercy children’s hospitals. Now the team at Washington University is again asking parents to participate in a study to find out if those children received the vaccine. If many of them did, it could signal a mutation of the virus or the emergence of a strain that is not covered by the vaccine. (source)

If you read the article, anti-vaxxers are immediately blamed for the earlier uptick, but the recent case seems to be somewhat a mystery. It would seem there are only two ways this can go: 1) Blame anti-vaxxers again. 2) An opportunity to develop a new vaccine.

This isn’t much of a story yet, but it is something to pay attention to.

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