Sowing Seeds of Vaccine Information

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

Jesus often told stories called parables to teach a lesson through an example. Many of you may be familiar with the Biblical story, “The Parable of the Sower.” (Matthew 13:1-9) For those who don’t (and there are many faiths here, so many may not), here is a summary of The Parable of the Sower. I always keep this in mind as I am sowing seeds of information about vaccines. 

The Parable of the Sower is simplistic and powerful. It goes like this:

A farmer sows seed in his field:

  • Some seeds fall on the hard, dry paths, and the birds quickly eat it.
  • Some seeds fall among the rocks where this was not much soil. The seed starts to sprout. The plant grows quickly, but soon the sun scorches the plant. It withers and dies because it had no root.
  • Some seeds fall on good soil but they landed among the weeds. The plant struggles to grow but is choked out by the larger, tougher weeds. Eventually, the plant suffocates and dies. 
  • But some seed falls on good soil, with water, nutrients, and sunshine. The plant flourishes, growing large and bearing a crop— thirty, sixty or hundred times what was sown. The farmer enjoys a large harvest from the plant.

How does this apply to sharing vaccine information?

1. Some seeds never have a chance. There will always be skeptics and “know it alls” who believe in the Religion of Vaccination and can never hear the information. Try as you might, they will never hear. Like the hard soil, their mind is closed. Save your energy. Move on.

2. Some seeds of truth will start to grow because the truth is exciting and their interest starts to sprout. But without continued learning, the information has no roots. The heated arguments that come from family members, employers, and pediatricians remove the resolve to not vaccinate. Without enough information to stand up under the pressure, those who were at first excited decide it’s easier to go along, to get along. The seeds of truth fade away.

3. Some seeds start to grow, but the truth is quickly choked by the weeds. Family members in healthcare, social media friends, community nay-sayers crush the spirit of the growing seedling. Discouraged and literally choked out, the seeds of truth die.

4. But a few seeds of truth will take root, and grow…and grow..and grow. Some who heard the truth about vaccine hazards immediately embraced and understood it. Their resolve grew the more they studied. They joined a like-minded community for personal support. The seeds planted within this person grew into a massive plant. The person, “the seed,” became the home for young “birds” and offered protection to all nearby. This person became a massive “tree,” bearing fruit that feeds everyone in their sphere, everyone in their neighborhood.

So what does this all mean? How can this parable be applied to those who are desperately trying to learn, to share the truth about vaccines with their friends and family?

This post is meant to be a message of encouragement. The parable reminds us that in the “best case,” only 25% of the seeds you sow will land on fertile soil, take root and bear fruit.

But here’s the caveat: You’ll never know which seed will land on fertile soil. You never know when that single seed, that one piece of information, resting on the fertile ground will start to sprout.

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  • Perhaps it will be after the first vaccine, when their baby had days of crying and high-pitched screaming.
  • Maybe it will be after the first seizure that doctors say is “benign.”
  • Maybe it will be after the first conversation with a parent of an autistic child, the parent who shares the changes occurred within 24 hours of that ’round of vaccines.’
  • Maybe it will be after the first blog post they read or radio show they hear that awakens that seed you planted from its slumber.   

I consider myself to be “Joanna Appleseed.” I know my responsibility is to continually sow the seeds of truth, through articles, blog posts, personal experiences, published studies accumulated in the I take this responsibility seriously. Whenever I’ve grown frustrated, even angry, when people do not seem to be waking up – that the seeds are not growing – I take a step back. I reaffirm that my responsibility is to sow seeds; it’s not my responsibility to make them sprout.

Therefore, I encourage you to continue to be the Seed Sower. Keep sowing seeds without expectation and you will not become discouraged. Spread the Seeds of Truth – everywhere. Continually reinforce that vaccines are not safe, they are not protective and they do cause devastating harm. You may never know where your seeds will land. You may never know when they will sprout.

Keep this parable in mind when you feel discouraged, shaking your head at why your friends just don’t “get it” or when they un-friend you on Facebook.  Keep going. Keep sowing seeds. That next Tree of Truth just might grow from that seed you planted long ago. 

That 25% is a good figure to keep in mind.
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5 Comments on "Sowing Seeds of Vaccine Information"

  1. It’s strange…but a few days ago this entered my mind. For the past so many years I’ve been telling others, family, and even strangers about vaccines as well as EMF dangers and nutritional information (not the typical SAD diet but old fashioned fats and organ meats, no pesticides etc). Sometimes I’d get rebuffed (well many times at first), but after many years the thought about ‘planting seeds’ came into my mind. It helped me because instead of getting melancholy about my failed efforts, I figured that when you plant a seed, sometimes it may germinate right away. Other times, it lies dormant for an amount of time, until something else triggers it to start to sprout and grow. (like hearing the same information someplace else). Often I feel like I really want to give up, but then something in me tells me I can’t, because when you give up, they win.

    May God bless you and everyone out there that is trying to do the right thing.

    I liken it to a dam. At first, there is just a teeny leak of water. Not much at all. Then it starts to trickle out…then eventually it starts to spout a large stream, then all of a sudden, WOOSH, the whole ding dang thing busts open and voila, the whole thing goes over the dam. Awakening the masses takes some time. Even with social media because you have to fight against so many other lies and half-truths jockeying for position.

    • Jenny – thank you for your post and you are so correct. When a farmer or a gardener plants a crop, they don’t walk out the next day defeated because “nothing’s happening.” So glad you can see it. I hope you’ll share your story – and this article – with others who too soon get discouraged. ~ Dr Sherri

  2. Thanks! Please share….people need some hope these days!

  3. Roger Esterbrooks | 05/02/2017 at 5:34 pm | Reply

    GREAT analogy~~~

  4. Well said!

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