Ben Carson Wants Forced Vaccines. Stop Saying Otherwise.

image credit: facebook video

Image credit: facebook video
During the most recent GOP debates, the topic of vaccines arose. Carson, Trump and Paul all debated the matter. Somehow, when the dust settled, some anti-vaccination camps began to spread the filthy rumor that Ben Carson is in our corner. The fact is, he isn’t. He did allow Trump to question the vaccine schedule, but he has never waivered on his position that vaccines are wonderful and should be forced. Check out some quotes from the below video.

“In terms of parental rights, yes, I am very much in favor of parental rights for certain types of things, but what we have to recognize is I’m in favor of you and I having freedom to drive a car, but, do we have a right to drive without seatbelts on, do we have a right to drive while we’re texting,….studies have demonstrated that those are very dangerous things to do, so it becomes a public safety issue, so you have to be able to separate out, our rights, versus the rights of the society which we live.”

He goes on to say that he’s a small government guy, but public safety is foremost. When cornered about pharmaceutical companies pushing vaccines for profit, Carson responds with “I would say that vaccinations are pushed because they have been very successful at eliminating major public health hazards.” That sounds more like the response of a man in Big Pharma’s corner to me. Listen for yourself.

Dr. Ben Carson Addresses Vaccine ControversyThe media is all in arms over some regarding vaccines. Every professional politician scampered to the cameras to offer their opinions on vaccination. When asked of Carson, he indicated he was in favor because they are effective and save lives. Contrary to the conspiracy theory crowd, NO Republican or Democrat presidential candidate is advocating forced vaccines on anyone. These matters are state and local issues. Politicians do what they do best, they speak on matters they are not educated on. Of course, they’re politicians, they usually know all.

Posted by Win Ben Win – The 2016 Committee on Wednesday, February 4, 2015


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