Dying 13 Year Old Diagnoses Her Own HPV Vaccine Injury

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HPV vaccine side effects are becoming more and more the norm. Parents are becoming more aware of the dangers of this vaccine that’s often touted by schools as a “cancer vaccine.” When put in those terms, who wouldn’t want it? We all want to prevent cancer. But the cold hard truth is that the link between HPV and cancer is shoddy. And even if you buy into the link, you have to be willing to accept the side effects of this vaccine as a risk.

But a further issue exists beyond whether or not your child receives the vaccine. What if your child received the vaccine and then mysteriously, fell ill and no doctors could figure it out. Your child might have received the vaccine and since then, you’ve forgotten about the instance. So when your child becomes ill, your first instinct might not be to blame the Gardasil shot.

A 13-year-old UK girl, however, used Google searching to her advantage when she bedridden with an ailment that was supposed to take her life. Amelia Ferguson relentlessly input search after search, which turned into research, until she discovered the truth about her condition. It didn’t take long until she discovered that she suffered from an autoimmune disease after receiving the HPV vaccine.

From The Times (UK)

“Painkillers weren’t working and nor was the treatment,” she says, speaking from the family home in Esher. “I had lots of symptoms that I could see just didn’t fit with chronic fatigue syndrome. I knew that it was something else.”

“We wanted to believe it was chronic fatigue. Half a dozen specialists were in agreement,” says her father, David, a financial adviser. “They kept saying, ‘We’ve seen this before, trust us, stop worrying.’ But she was fading before our eyes and we were racking our brains for a solution.”

“I was no longer able to live my life properly so I’d spend seven or eight hours lying there searching for a cure,” she says.“Her condition was life-threatening and it was clear she needed urgent care,” Lim says.

“Her condition was life-threatening and it was clear she needed urgent care,” Lim says.

Amelia Ferguson was dying and spending her days in bed, because doctors could not determine what was wrong with her. So she took her iPad and researched her condition herself, and found out it was related to the HPV vaccine, which allowed doctors to properly treat her condition.

More at The Times (UK)


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