‘Herd Immunity Collapsing’ According To Researchers

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We’ve tried to stave off the inevitable collapse of society, but apparently, us anti-vaxxers have thrust the world onto an apocalyptic precipice ready to collapse. The Pharmaceutical companies, bless their philanthropic hearts, tried to tell us this would happen. The Federal Government pushed legislation to force us to save ourselves, but we just couldn’t do it.

Something tells me that none of the aforementioned will turn out true. Just call it a hunch. But the mainstream media is sure pushing this agenda, telling us that we are going lose potentially 9 million children due to a collapse in herd immunity.

via medpagetoday.com: “We estimate that among about 69 million children in that age range [0-17 years], 8.7 million or 12.5% are susceptible to measles infection if they’re exposed to the disease,”Robert Bednarczyk, PhD, of Emory University, and colleagues, reported. “And this is not a study where we looked at children who should have gotten the vaccine, but didn’t.”

Herd immunity has long been touted by “researchers” as the justification for pushing mass global vaccination regimens. Although the concept has more holes in it than swiss cheese, it hasn’t stopped many from falling for it. Herd immunity is just a way of propelling the herd into a divide and conquer sort of chaos. It dismisses the “live and let live” ideals this country was based on, because it reinforces a concept that your neighbors are actually your enemy. Your neighbors lifestyle in an intrusion upon your own safety and well-being. Create chaos through misinformation, win the war. Didn’t get vaccinated, you are trying to kill my children!

It’s time we take a breath of fresh air and allow our common sense to set in. I find clarity to be the ultimate weapon against chaos.

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