Chicken Pox Vaccine Fails Fragile Child

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The media are nothing short of windpipes for corporate and government puppeteers. They are controlled and funded by those who bribe them with advertising and lobbying cash. The Telegraph released an article today with the headline, Anti-vaccination school hit by chickenpox epidemic. The article’s headline paints a sort of grim and dire picture for the masses. Reading the headline leads us to believe that the world around us is collapsing, that the suffering of children, caused from an irresponsible sect of pseudoscience proponents, has led our world into the apocalypse.

Lets forget about that article and headline for a moment. Maybe you clicked and read it, maybe you didn’t, we will discuss it, but it isn’t the core point. The core point is the systemic degradation of mainstream media sources who write with bias based on ad revenue, donations, lobbying, mass appeal. An event has happened. Children have been diagnosed with Chicken Pox. I would argue this isn’t even news. However, this morning, it is news spun with the fibers of pro-vaccination agenda. The news is tailored to incite fear and helplessness. I’ve clipped the top news stories regarding this story from Google. Not included is the previous linked headline.


The yellow arrows denote the use of dramatic words which aren’t really necessary to this rather innocuous happening.  The first article is Time Magazine, a well respected publication with legions of followers; Time exist on pillars of journalistic credibility (whether true or not, perception is reality). The domain name signifies, for most people, a credible piece of unbiased journalism. The headline, however, puts in quotes ‘tolerance.’ The intention is to discredit parents who are proponents of anti-vaccination. Remember, anti-vaccination is a stance that encompasses, by no fault of its own, a huge variety of motivations. Some believe vaccines cause harm, illness or death. Some believe that certain vaccinations are not good. Some believe certain sicknesses, such as flu or chicken pox, are good for people’s immune systems. Others strongly resent government wings telling them what to do or forcing legislation. The word ‘tolerance’ already undermines the fairness of the article. ‘Tolerance,’ as a term, is a negative connotation. We ‘tolerate foul smells’ when we have to. We ‘tolerate pain’ as athletes so we can keep playing. What we ‘tolerate’ is the enemy we overcome to find the glory of success. Other terms that display in Google are ‘dumb’ and ‘mass.’

But what actually occurred? Around 70 children contracted chicken pox. I should note my bias, I am a chicken pox survivor. I was ‘tolerated’ as a child. I am still alive. The story details no deaths, serious injuries or threats to national security. The story is really a non-event, painted blood red by media puppets.

The headline could have read differently. What if I were to have rewritten based on other story facts which seem buried? (wait, I did).

Vaccine For Chicken Pox Didn’t Protect Small Child

Chicken Pox Vaccine Fails Fragile Child

Children Vaccinated For Chicken Pox At Risk

What then would you have thought? Would it have been any less true? Was the headline you clicked on to get to this article any less true than the headlines you see on the Google news screengrab? Let’s find out.

It is still possible for a child who has been vaccinated to contract chickenpox. Parent Sara McKenzie, whose son Wesley became till despite him having received the vaccine, told The Age: “I think everyone should get vaccinated because it’s a matter of public health and community safety. You don’t just vaccinate for your kids, you have to consider the whole community.”

This site (vaxxter) has a lean. The lean is noted. We aren’t reporting general news, Google news doesn’t parse us into high rankings. We are a movement. Time and the others aren’t movements. They are supposed to report the news. But they fail to do so. They manipulate the facts.
Photo by AZAdam


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