Mandatory Flu Vaccines For Health Care Workers Is Criminal

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The pressure is mounting. This year’s flu shot hysteria is unrivaled. With the past decade’s worth of flu shots receiving failing grades, pharmaceutical companies are reacting by tightening up their marketing and trying to subjugate the healthcare demographic. This is the easiest first play for them. It will be the easiest starting point for mandatory adult vaccinations because selling the public that unvaccinated nurses and doctors are a big scary risk is an easy play. Make the people feel unsafe, the people will react and follow your bold lifesaving strategy. A new paper reported by EurekaAlert is especially scary.

In a paper published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School and VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System report the results of a survey they did in 2013.

They asked the people in charge of preventing healthcare-related infections in hospitals, called infection preventionists, what their hospitals’ flu vaccine policies were and why.

In all, only 42.7 percent of those who responded from 386 hospitals said their hospital required flu vaccination of all healthcare providers. About 10 percent more said their hospital would require it for the following flu season.

The rate at VA hospitals was very low: 1.3 percent.

For those of you who think this is a good idea, consider the slippery slope we’ve already seen taking place. Office workers in New Jersey were recently fired for not having taken flu shots. These women worked in the accounting department, in a satellite office, nowhere near the health center. The health clinic’s excuse was that the rule would be too difficult to distinguish between those working in the corporate office and those working with patients. I am pretty sure a 9 year old could help them create a simple rule for that, if you know what I mean. Why would it be difficult to distinguish? If your answer was “well it wouldn’t” then you win a prize. Not sure the prize just yet, but know that you won it and someday when we meet, I shall give it to you.

But where would the slippery slope, or the proposed ignorance of graphing people in geo-office terms, end? If they can’t distinguish at the health clinic, do you think they can distinguish between the health clinic and your office? Or your home? You really have to consider the bigger picture here, operating under the guise of ignorance means you risk giving up your very own rights; or the rights of your children. And though maybe you approve of the current flu vaccine, what happens as they continually change it? Are you sure you will just always be so laissez faire?

We are being slowly subjugated by those who are compelled to control us. Our faith in Government is their tactical opening to conquer us. We sit exposed, accepting changes while distracted with Honey Boo Boo’s new bra. This isn’t a call to become a 24 hour activist, but it is a call to stand your ground. Vote against these things. Be a part of the grind that they encounter when they push these things. You can watch Honey Boo Boo, but not so much that you sit apathetic to your own subjugation.

And lets keep something else in mind: We love our nurses. We love our health techs. They should be able to do their job (which is helping us) without getting crapped on by ridiculous, overreaching legislation. The fact is, legislation will come. Will you be part of the problem or one of the voices who says no? Lets stand with nurses and all healthcare workers.
Photo by timefornurses

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