Stop Taking Tylenol When You Have The Flu

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So you have the flu (it happens). Your neighbor is telling you that you should have got a flu shot even though your neighbor got a flu shot and they have the flu also (happens a lot). You don’t feel well (part of the process). So you look for ways to make the struggle just a tiny bit better for yourself (we totally understand). But if you are thinking about taking Tylenol, just know that it is garbage.

A new study says Tylenol and other paracetamol drugs simply don’t do the trick when it comes to the flu. 80 adult volunteers age 18 to 65 were put to the test. Each person had to be tested and confirmed to have influenza. Everyone was given either OTC drugs like Tylenol or placebos. After this, symptoms such as fever, runny nose, sore throat and headaches and muscle aches were measured. The study findings concluded that the OTC drugs did as much good as the placebos. They didn’t work. Here’s the study, which is published on here.

Regular paracetamol had no effect on viral shedding, temperature or clinical symptoms in patients with PCR-confirmed influenza. There remains an insufficient evidence base for paracetamol use in influenza infection.

Let’s go on a bit of a deeper dive here, if you don’t mind: Getting the flu isn’t the end of the world even though most mainstream media sources will tell you that you are now at risk of dying. You are going to survive it. And, you are going to come out stronger for it with a new and strengthened immune system. And your body will have cleansed itself, reset itself.

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But what about getting better? Being sick sucks. No other way to put it. We all want to feel better; that’s a natural response. Well first, remember, symptoms of the flu are the flu’s way of getting the flu OUT of your body. It doesn’t make an incredible amount of sense to stop that process from happening. This is the same as when people have a cough and they STOP a cough. A cough is doing its thing and curing itself. So subduing symptoms in the first place aren’t always the best idea, but the situation is worse with the Tylenol you use to subdue them doesn’t even work.

If you want to feel better, get some sleep (when you can). Drink water. Drink a little Apple Cider Vinegar. Eat organic fruits and vegetables. Drink more water. Rest. Throw the Tylenol your grandmother brought over for you into the trash can. Rest, water and a healthy diet are something that can benefit you all year round.

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