School Children Vaccinated Without Permission

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pixabay children

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Parents now attempt to remove both Principal and Vice Principal.

Parents of children who were vaccinated against their wishes are looking to have both the Principal and Vice Principal removed from their positions. Principal, S.M. Naseer, and Vice Principal Ghousiya Jaseem, apparently did not send out the permission notices two weeks before the MMR vaccine was to be given to students, instead they opted to just vaccinate all the children. One of the children is suffering from a high fever after receiving the MMR vaccine, according to Yahoo!.

“This procedure was not followed at all,” Mohamed Ansar told Arab News here on Sunday. He blamed the principal for this incident, which has caused panic among parents. The MMR vaccine had been given to some 200 students in the school last week, ranging from Grades two to six.

Ansar said that his daughter, Nadha (10 years old), in Grade five, is suffering from high fever following the vaccination. He added that he had vaccinated his daughter with the MMR vaccine long ago.

Another parent who went to question the vice principal about the ongoing vaccination schedule was allegedly sent away from the school by her as well.

“Obtaining parental permission for such vaccinations is common sense,” another parent said.

Injecting a child with any type of medicine without permission of the parent should be viewed as a criminal case, more than it should be approached as a school board decision to remove the offenders from their position. Clearly, both the Principal and Vice Principal should be removed of their duties, but they should also face criminal charges. There is already one child that appears to be showing signs of an injury, the vaccines can’t just be taken back: The damage is done. This is as irresponsible and criminal as it gets. Schools should be places of trust and protection, this breach of that security and comfort is disturbing.

However, this is a good wake up call to everyone. The more the Government acquires control of the vaccine issue via legislation and popular opinion, the more exposed we are to this potential domestically. When you think about it, would anyone even stick up for us if a school vaccinated our children without permission? It is an unlikely scenario that we’d even have any rights in the matter. This makes homeschooling an even stronger, more logical option in terms of protecting our children. That said, many parents remain adamant that their children attend public schools. In such cases, parents should concede there are inherent risks and do everything they can to monitor activity by the school.

image credit: pixabay

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