Triplets Regress into Autism Following Vaccine

Brenda and David McDowell visit the VaxXed bus while in Detroit Michigan to the story of all three of their triplets vaccine injury stories following the pneumococcal vaccine. Interview by Polly Tommey with camera and editing by Joshua Coleman.

“We are living proof that they are all lying!”

“We were told it was genetic.”


The McDowell’s visited their pediatrician with their two boys and one girl (triplets) for their Pneumococcal vaccine shot. By the end of the day, the children were never the same again. What was supposedly a statistical impossibility soon became reality following a vaccine. Their laughter and reflexes and smiles were simultaneously gone by day’s end.

They were never told about the Vaccine Injury Court and seeing its been beyond 5-years, they don’t qualify for those benefits.

Watch the full interview here.

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31 Comments on "Triplets Regress into Autism Following Vaccine"

  1. you won’t hear about this story on MSM because the media protects there revenue sourcees.

  2. repeal the vaccine injury act of 1986 asap and lets bankrupt big pharma and stop fighting outlr own government. our children are more important than thier profits!!!

  3. Living Childre | 12/16/2018 at 6:52 am | Reply

    Better autistic than dead. Thank you for taking one for the team, herd immunity is wonderful!

  4. It seems that homeopathic doctors have GREAT RESULTS in reversing this vaccine- related autism. the therapy they apply is CEASE therapy. I hear good results from them, and like to indicate you where to go for more information:

    CEASE Therapy – Autism treatment using homeopathy, eliminating …

  5. each vaccine may be different to every child its given to, another possibilty is the vaccine was tainted to begin with. i gave my 2 children all the vaccines their peditrician suggested. the only problem i ever had was when my youngest had a bad reaction to the tetanus shot, he ran a fever, his arm swelled up alot developed a knot when the shot was given. he overcame all that. my oldest didn’t get the small pox vaccine because dr’s quit giving it since the disease was eradicated pretty much, in 1970-71, shots should be given at the parents discretion. when i was a child the mmr shot was not around then and i contracted all 3 of the diseases. i personally think these cases are all different and vaccines don’t cause autism. this is just my opinion. i am very sad to know these children will be affected with this the rest of their lives. the parents and other relatives will have alot of hard work in raising these kids. but they still have your babies, i pray that god helps you with this task.

  6. I think the smartest thing many parents can do is not to see a pediatrician. Family doctors are not paid to turn your baby into a pincushion. They may be more inclined not to give tons of vaccines at once, or may be even forgo them till the child is at least three. You don’t need a pediatrician to make your child disabled or kill him outright.

    • Totally agree, Irena. My new mantra: Doctors Are the Problem. They’ve been bought out by their employers (hospital system) and sold their souls to pharma for bonuses. They don’t even know what they are injecting through that needle.

  7. And then they tell us that back in the 1940s and 1950s – when I was growing – there were autistic kids all over the place, but that we just didn’t notice them.

    • This is true. Most of them weren’t brought outside due to embarrassment. Just like people with down syndrome. Most were shipped off to orphanages because they were “monsters”

  8. Tylenol is Autism Trigger.
    Depletes Glutathione used to detoxify metals in vaccines. Use began the Autism Epidemic in 80s when Reye’s was incorrectly linked to Aspirin.
    Vaccines with Metals and TYLENOL causes AUTISM!!!

  9. Tracey Buckle | 04/16/2017 at 6:54 am | Reply

    My triplet stepsons are also autistic following mmr, now 21 years old. There are natural protocols to reverse diagnosis

  10. Only reason this is not being brought out and admitted. Think about all the parental claims about this. Me being one of them. The unbelievable amount of lawsuits and money they would loose. Its a shame our government will not protect our children but then further hold our feet to the fire if we dont allow them to inject this poison in our children.

  11. If all our children are receiving the same vaccines how come only certain children are effected? Wouldn’t every one’s kids have the same problem? There are tons of kids that are normal? Don’t get me wrong, o believe these vaccines can be harmful but why are the problems selective.

    • Barb, peoples’ physical and mental makeups are all different. So just as two individuals can take the same medicine where one is helped but the other has an adverse reaction so, too, is it with vaccines. The kiddos who were obviously injured may have had weakened systems.

    • Why can one person smoke for 50 years and live to be 80 with no health problems and another person smokes 5 years and develops lung cancer? Do you deny that smoking causes cancer by your same logic?

  12. What a sad story ! But please, McDowell family keep up the good work and stay strong as a family ! Hold each other tight and find comfort in each other, you are doing great šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your story !

  13. Parents are being forced into a corner re vaccinations these days. If you don’t vaccinate then you risk having social services coming in a removing your kids. Government, all over the world are greedy, corrupt and seriously fkd up.

  14. Been trying to get people to think about the so-called “coincidences” that have come with vaccines.

  15. So sorry to hear of this tragic story. My son is Autistic. I’ve often wondered about the vaccine/ Autism connection. They claim there’s none, but that is NOT TRUE. I am furious that this happened. The incompetent pharmaceutical companies should be held liable, no matter how many years have passed.

    • Sorry to hear about your son, Heather. And yes, there are dozens of articles showing the connection between vaccines and brain injury labeled as “encephalopathy.” Autism is only one of hundreds of conditions caused or exacerbated by vaccination. We have >8500 articles at – hand selected to show the horrible problems caused by vaccines.

  16. Christina C. Campbell | 04/06/2017 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    She’s exactly right. Seems like today, everyone knows a child with autism. It’s criminal.

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