Two Most Common Vaccine Reaction Red Flags

OpEd by Shawn Siegel

As a preface, in the case of virtually immediate severe reactions, many serious injuries are unknown to the pediatricians, P.A.s and RNs who administer the shots simply because the children are rushed straight to the ER, not to the clinic or office where the vaccines were given. To wit, the testimony of pediatrician Dr. Toni Bark, who tells us that while in her position as Director of a hospital pediatric emergency room she’d initially been very upset if parents brought in children who weren’t up to date on vaccines, but her attitude changed, and changed drastically. She began to see patterns:

Children who were seen in the vaccine clinic would then come to our ER with seizures, respiratory arrest and asthma attacks. I began to realize, not all children respond well to vaccination and in fact, some die.

As well, the testimony of an Emergency Department RN who calls himself Guerilla RN:

As an E.R. nurse, I have seen the cover-up. Where do you think kids go when they have a vaccine reaction? They go to the E.R. They come to me…The child comes in with either a fever approaching 105, or seizures, or lethargy/can’t wake up, or sudden overwhelming sickness, screaming that won’t stop, spasms, GI inclusion, etc.

Hidden in plain sight, however, are two routine vaccine reactions, undoubtedly familiar to doctors and nurses, that should be red flags; fever and nausea. Fever is by far the most frequently reported reaction to vaccination, with nausea/vomiting close behind. Were pediatricians given honest, complete vaccine information in their medical school training, perhaps they’d stop to think about the serious implications.

When kids develop infectious illnesses after natural exposure, there’s an incubation period, only after which do symptoms manifest, including fever. As per the Mayo Clinic, chickenpox symptoms, for instance, don’t display until 10 to 21 days after exposure; pertussis, 7 to 10 days; Hepatitis B, 2 weeks to 4 months(!) post-infection; and so on. Seattle Children’s Hospital and many other resources, tells us the following: Fever with most vaccines begins within 12 hours and lasts 2 to 3 days. This is normal.”

No, it’s not! It’s not normal! It’s an adverse reaction.

Nor is it necessarily minor –  developing within only hours of the shots, post-vaccination fevers are unnatural and onerous and can indicate severe injury. In their immediacy they’re not related to the respective (supposedly) vaccine-preventable infectious illnesses, they’re related to something intrinsic to the vaccine ingredients and the route of introduction – injection. Fever following natural exposure is an immune system mechanism designed to help the body eliminate and recover from the resulting infection – it’s fighting for, not against the person.” When it develops within hours of vaccination, that makes no sense. There’s been no time for an infection to develop.

There has been time, however, for an encephalitic reaction to the vaccine, as described in The Merck Manual and on Health and Human Services’ Vaccine Injury Table. Encephalitis (brain inflammation) can take place within minutes of vaccination, and fever is typically one of the first signs. Moreover, it can lead to encephalopathy (brain damage). Indeed, more than one medical professional has stated the belief that every vaccine damages the brain; that it’s just a matter of degree, individual to individual; toddler to toddler; infant to infant. Regardless, social media abounds with stories of post-vaccination fevers, even if short-lived, ultimately proving to be but the first step down a long road of debilitating autoimmune and neurological disorders.

Nausea’s the result of toxins reaching the area postrema of the brain – the “vomiting center”. Mother Nature considers this function important. It’s one of the few areas of the brain where the blood-brain barrier is weak. The faculty at the University of Washington explain the mechanism this way:

When a toxic substance enters the bloodstream it will get to the area postrema and may cause the animal to throw up. In this way, the animal protects itself by eliminating the toxic substance from its stomach before more harm can be done.

This highlights the insidiousness of both the route of vaccine introduction and the ingredients, the brews entering the bloodstream directly from the muscle. As with fever, nausea is an adverse vaccine reaction that cannot be viewed simply as minor, in that it could be caused by a toxic ingredient. As with fever again, nausea and vomiting may also be symptoms of encephalitis – of an encephalitic vaccine reaction, and a prelude to brain damage.

From the Oxford dictionary, the definition of poisonous:
1: (of a substance or plant) causing or capable of causing death or illness if taken into the body.

Toxins are, by definition, poisons. Vaccines trigger fever, nausea, and vomiting because they are poisonous. We have an outrageous, untenable situation, where even the most commonly reported reactions to vaccines are in reality indications of injury, potentially severe, potentially life-altering, potentially fatal – and not even necessarily occurring immediately. HHS lists the DTaP and MMR vaccines as causes of encephalitis for up to three days and two weeks, respectively. Yet, pediatricians and nurses don’t consider the implications, in large part, obviously, because in their medical educations they’re denied substantive information about the known! list of toxic vaccine ingredients. Nor are they taught the sorry histories of vaccine-induced severe autoimmune and neurological disorders that at this point have received going on $4 billion in compensation, from a national vaccine court that few people even know exists.

Most tragic, most unacceptable, many medical professionals simply would rather not consider how heinous in reality may be the paradigm they were taught to so revere. Their minds are closed. It’s called cognitive dissonance. When on an interview for my show I asked pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky how his colleagues respond to his insights into vaccine injury, he said he no longer bothers broaching the subject with them; that they won’t even allow themselves to be curious. In my five years of broadcasting, that remains one of the most chilling statements made on the show.

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