15 children die in botched measles vaccine campaign

Photo by GovernmentZA
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South Sudan’s government is now saying that 15 children have died at the hands of a botched measles vaccine campaign. All of the deaths were children under the age of five.

Sudan’s health ministry is blaming two factors for the mass deaths.

They used the same syringe for all children.

Mealses vaccines were not properly stored.

One further startling detail is that the children as young as 12 were seen administering the vaccines to the five year olds. This measles vaccine campaign targets around 2 million children in the region. The World Health Organization is providing all the training to the local communities. The U.N. is providing the vaccines.

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This startling news comes at a time when measles vaccines are being hotly debated in the United States. This will offer further evidence for the anti-vaccine arguments which are raging and growing in the country.

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Photo by GovernmentZA




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