ABC News Reports Second Deadly Flu Version

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Flu hysteria continues to be a main narrative of the media’s circus like coverage of any and all things that are salaciously oriented. That’s not to say that the flu isn’t a serious conditionf or the immunocompromised or elderly, it is more to say that the level of fear-mongering from institutional media is currently, high-level.

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ABC News has released a new video story titled, “Flu Strikes Twice,” that’s now been shared in large volume across social media. Failed flu shots are being pushed for those who already had the flu once. Articles such as this justify the “get a flu shot even though you’ve had the flu” doctrine.

Many people are now afraid to go outside, grocery shop, or even grab a bite out with friends. The flu has now been packaged by the news as being the new Ebola, which has the world shaking in terror.

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