Anti-Vaccine Parents Create ‘Natural Immunity Community’

Allona Lahn

Its being called the Sunshine Coast-based Natural Immunity Community. When ready, it will be a community built on supporting those parents in Queensland who have been booted out of the system due to their unwillingness to vaccinate their children in an Australian political environment that’s become increasingly tyrannical over matters of vaccination.

The group will be ran by parents and for parents as an answer to Australia’s harsh No Jab No Play regulations which have been in effect since 2016.

Natural Community spokesperson, Allona Lahn, is accusing the federal government of spreading misinformation regarding vaccinations and now, according to Daily Mail, she wants a national debate to ensue.

‘We are creating alternatives as we have been forced into a corner thanks to the bullying, intimidation tactics by our government,’ Ms Lahn said.

‘Mothers rights’ have been lost in the community so we’re offering services to help and support anti-vaxxers out there.’

Three years ago, Lahn’s group had a mere 18 members. Now it sits at 800 and increasing publicity in a polarizing national environment is sure to grow it by leaps and bounds as parents look for alternatives to skirt the national vaccine regulations.

The unvaccinated are banned from childcare in New South Wales and Victoria, but are able to attend childcare in Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the Capital territory.

‘Most day care centres have accepted unvaccinated children,’ Ms Lahn told Daily Mail Australia.

‘The problem is accessible childcare. Without the rebates, many families can’t afford $90 per day for childcare so people are looking at alternatives.’

‘We have playgroups set up which allow mum to go off for appointments,’ she said.

‘Some parents have a rostering system to mind each others’ kids so they can still work and support their families financially. No money is exchanged, it’s purely a service.’

Lahn’s desire is to raise awareness of how debilitating and harsh the country’s vaccine policy is for parents and children.

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