Ben Carson’s Latest Vaccine Comments a Ploy

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Ben Carson is for mandatory vaccines. We have pointed this out numerous times, here is one example if you want to play internet history buff. While his tax plan might seem appealing to many, the typical conservative, smaller Government intrusion concept seems to disappear for him when it comes to vaccines. And now it is just confusing. Here is the vaccine portion from an interview he did with the NY Times.

Some people feel that I make the declaration and everybody has to march to my drum.

My point was that there are a lot of people who are so concerned about the load of vaccines that they are getting in a very short period of time that they may abandon the use of vaccines altogether, which would be a very significant public health issue for us. I think we have to be willing to talk with them and to look at alterations in schedule.

When you look at how many times the schedule has been altered by so-called experts, it tells you right there that whatever schedule they come up with is not necessarily the perfect schedule. Take into consideration the concerns of these people and let’s work with them, so that we can get people on the same page, rather than declaring: “I’m the great Oz. No one else could possibly know anything.” (full interview here)

Say it with me please: Ben Carson is for mandatory vaccines. He’s just taking a different road, he’s pushing the product in a different way. Ben Carson wants in your door, he wants to sit at the dinner table with you and your family and have a smiling discussion about vaccines. A discussion where he pretends to listen with a focused energy that your significant other hasn’t had for you in years. He wants to be your friend. And then he wants to tell you that he will make some insignificant change to the vaccine schedule and make you feel like you won the battle. And then off to the Doctor’s office you and your baby go.

This is simply fodder for the rabble. His position is to be mildly unclear, but the truth of the matter exists as a bullseye right in the center of his words. He would support mandatory vaccination policies. Would Trump? He seemingly wouldn’t (anyone could lie, though he seems to be rather straightforward over the matter). Trump’s a better option than Carson if you support the freedom to choose what your child is injected with.

Vaccines in politics is no longer a notion that can be ignored. Legislation is cropping up on a daily basis to infringe upon our parental rights. We must know and understand who we are electing in this day and age. We must vote with caution. Pennsylvania is on the brink of demise. It can happen anywhere.

Photo by marcn

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