BoJo Preaches Pro-Vaccine Mumbo Jumbo

John Jones JD, PhD, Vaxxter Contributor

It is that time again.  Back to school – so the politicians, shills for big Pharma are telling the vaccinated masses, to get more shots … again and again.


In August, the current Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson told his country and the world – via Twitter – to get another measles shot. For those of us who know the current science, and read the history of vaccine propaganda, Johnson’s comment was little more than pro-vaccine dogma, fear-mongering, and insults.

On August 20, 2019 Johnson said this:

“It is very important to remember that vaccinations save lives, and unfortunately we [have] a situation in [the UK] at the moment, where measles is going in the wrong direction. We [are] seeing more cases of measles, a really nasty [sic] disease for young people, for kids” ….

“And we [sic] used to be virtually measles-free [sic].” …

“I think [that] because of complacency, [and] also because … people have been listening a bit too much to some of the superstitious mumbo jumbo [sic] about the MMR vaccine … people are not vaccinating their kids a second time.

“You need to do it twice. You need to have … two inoculations….So don’t be complacent.  Don’t be suckered by this media mumbo jumbo about this MMR. We need to keep people safe…..We need to prevent outbreaks of measles, which is a truly horrific, nasty affliction … So vaccinate your kids, and you will be helping … your kids, [and others] as well.”

Lies, Lies, Curiosities, Fraud, Insults, and Fearmongering

I find that there are two types of people in the pro-vaccine camp: profiteers like Stanley Plotkin and Paul Offit; and the trusting but ignorant!  (I am guessing that Johnson is among the latter.)  He knows nothing of the history of the failures of vaccines.  He cannot see the holes and illogic of the pseudo-science.  So, let us examine his statement, and explain his errors and flawed reasoning.

(1) Vaccinations Do Not Save Lives

In the 19th century, across the English-speaking world, and throughout much of Europe, as the practice of cow-pox inoculation spread;  a number of people kept detailed records. And though rates of smallpox infection decreased – sometimes – overall death rates did not. In Sweden, (Chpt. 31) while smallpox cases dropped from over 3,000 per year to less than 700, the annual death-rate remained flat around two percent.

In New Castle, England, with the advent of first variolous inoculation, and then cow-pox inoculation, the incidents of smallpox and the number of annual smallpox deaths increased from 1777 to 1877. (Chpt. 31)

In modern times; we only have to look to the 2018 review by Aaby et al. (full text) to understand that vaccines kill. His team went back through the records of DTP vaccination programs for infants and toddlers (ages 6-35 months) in West Africa. They found that the children who received more vaccines had statistically significant higher death rates – up to four times more in girls who got the DTP compared to those who did not.

This information was also reported by Dr. Christine Stabell Been and presented in a TEDx talk in 2019. She reiterated their research, saying:

“….in spite of being protective against three diseases, the introduction of DTP was associated with increased overall mortality. Children who received DTP vaccine had five times higher risk of dying than those who didn’t. And this is just one example of many studies now done of DTP vaccine and they all show the same: DTP-vaccinated children have higher mortality than those who didn’t get DTP.”

How does this relate to measles? Well, according to the U.S. Public Health Service, by 1960, before the use of a measles vaccine, the measles death-rate was 0.16%. But between 2001 and 2018, with two-shot MMR rates around 90%, the measles death rate was 0.37%.  If the vaccines save lives, why would the death rates be higher than at a time when no one was vaccinated?

(2) Vaccinated Populations See More Disease

Childhood cancer is now a regular occurrence in the United States – and other nations with high vaccination rates. Children suffer leukemia, lymphomas, and see tumors in their bones, brain, and reproductive organs. In the modern vaccine era, cancer rates in children have surged.  From 1950-1985, the incidence rate of childhood cancers increased by 32%.  By 1991, rough estimates were that 7,800 American children were annually diagnosed with cancer.  By 2018, the number was above 11,000. What changed after 1991?

And do not be fooled by the idea that a return to an earlier, less aggressive vaccine schedule is any less dangerous. In 1983, the CDC recommended five injections of DTP, four doses of OPV, and one MMR, by age six.  Even one inoculation causes harm – and that has been documented since the early 1800s. 

In Glasgow, Scotland, over the 30-year period from 1783-1812, although cow-pox inoculation replaced smallpox inoculation, and smallpox deaths in children plummeted, deaths from measles ballooned four-fold. (Chpt. 34)  And the annual death-rate, for children under 10, from all diseases, remained steady, averaging 55 per 1,000 irrespective of vaccination rates. (Chpt. 34)

Meanwhile, in France, two medical researchers Barthez and Rilliet (1838) published their findings on the effects of cow-pox inoculation. When comparing the vaccinated vs unvaccinated, they saw higher rates of tuberculosis and death in vaccinated children. Keeping this in mind, are we surprised to learn that:

  • Edward Jenner’s wife, Catherine, died of tuberculosis in 1815; (Chpt. 26)
  • his son Edward, Jr. died at age 21; (pages 140-144)  and
  • James Phipps, upon whom Jenner inoculated with both cowpox pus and smallpox pus – perhaps 20 times – also died at age 21.

According to John Baron’s Life of Jenner (1838), shortly before the young man died, Jenner saw Phipps, and made the comment: “Oh! There is poor Phipps, I wish you could see him; he has been very unwell lately, and I am afraid [that] he has got tubercles in the lungs. He was recently inoculated for small-pox, I believe for the twentieth time, and all without effect.” (page 304)

(3) Measles-Free: One Shot or Two, or More?

By 1960, most Americans had endured a bout of measles. In 1962, in an article published the American Journal of Diseases in Children, Langmuir estimated that >90% of the American population had measles immunity due to aggregate incidence of illness by age 15.  And with that number, according to the vaccinators, the entire American population had natural herd-immunity. Still the question should be, “Are we better off with or without any measles vaccines?”

From 1963 to 1988, American children received only one measles shot, usually in the combined MMR. But with the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986, the number of approved vaccines increased and so did the number of dosages. Now we are told by most everyone, including by politicians such as Britain’s Boris Johnson, that children need at least two injections of MMR.

What has been the result of the two-shot regime?  We see more MMR-vaccine illnesses including more mumps, even in immigration detention centers were 25,000 doses of MMR have been administered. We’ve seen an increase in aseptic meningitis and even deaths. From January 1 to August 15, 2019, 1,203 individual cases of measles were confirmed in 30 states. Nonetheless, since 2001, in the United States,  more people have died from MMR-vaccine than from measles infection.

Recall, in 2014, then head of the CDC National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Anne Schuchat said: “There have been no measles deaths reported in the U.S. since 2003.”

Note that from 2003 to 2015, there were at least 108 deaths associated with measles vaccines (usually MMR). References here and here. 

But there is something even more problematic for the vaccinators – the number of genotypes, and scores, if not hundreds of sub-strains, of measles virus.  While there is only one serotype of the measles, there are many genotypes that distinguish one strain from another. According to a 2015 post on WebMD, there were 19 genotypes of measles. But only four years later, in a 2019 paper, a Japanese research team identified 24 genotypes. Genotyping is the only way to distinguish whether a person has had wild-type measles virus infection or a rash caused by a recent measles vaccination.

When a viral genetic analysis was done on cases of measles reported in Ireland and the United States, the results showed that most patients had been infected with genotypes D8 and B3. Most people in the West are injected with genotype A. So does that make people more susceptible to other strains?

Vaccinators have long admitted that the strains chosen each year to be included in the flu shot are an educated guess for matching the influenza viruses in circulation. But when it comes to measles, we are supposed to accept the claims of Andrea Berry, MD, assistant professor, University of Maryland, Center for Vaccine Development, in Baltimore. Dr. Berry who says: “The measles vaccine protects against all strains of measles.”

How could she possibly know?

(4) Who is spewing the Mumbo Jumbo?

That Boris Johnson used the term Mumbo Jumbo was ironic. The notion of Mumbo Jumbo is derived from 18th-century African rituals. It was applied to anything that was irrational, superstitious and was designed to control others through fear. As such, Mumbo Jumbo was meant to be contrasted with reason, science, and enlightened practices of Europeans.  But what is the pro-vaccine message other than unscientific superstition, shrouded in fear?

Consider that pro-vaccinators have always looked upon Edward Jenner with reverence. The man never attended university, knew nothing of basic chemistry, biology, or the immune system. He even bought his medical license. (page 105) Jenner’s theories presented in his first publication (1798) were widely rebuked as absurd. Contemporary medical practitioners knew patients who had contracted both cow-pox and smallpox after a vaccination – as neither created immunity against the other. They insisted that Jenner’s faith in inoculation with cow-pox pus, as a preventative for smallpox, was attributed to his belief in folk-tales and superstition. (Chapters 2, 5, and 6)

Coming to the present, not much has changed.

Today, pro-vaxxers advocate injections over clean water and nutrition. So did the Jennerites. For example, White detailed in 1885 the beneficial effects of potatoes and cabbage on health and welfare and attributed food to lowering disease rates of the British in the 19th century. Throughout the history and practice of vaccination, vaccinators have ignored the harms and injuries they cause.  In fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of NIAID, testified before Congress that no vaccine ever causes harm and Dr. Anna Schuchat of the CDC publicly insists that all vaccines are safe and effective.

And when pressed with logical critiques like:

  • “Why do children need more than one MMR shot?”, or
  • “How can a vaccine with type A measles virus protect against all other genotypes?”, or
  • “Why are vaccinated people getting measles?”, or
  • “Why is the measles shot more deadly than the natural infection?”

….they just invent new rationales, deny the facts, or offer more unfalsifiable claims, just like Jenner did more than 200 years ago.

We do not need yet another politician shilling for the drug companies and vaccine makers.  We need people to see the facts.  Medical students are not taught about nutrition and they are never exposed to the reality of the harm caused by vaccines. Parents are not fully informed about the lack of benefit and inevitable harm caused by injecting foreign matter such as metals, animal proteins, glyphosate, MSG, and more into the body of their infant.

And most importantly, everyone needs to know that vaccine-free children are far healthier than those who were held down and injected against their will.


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John C. Jones received his law degree (2001) and his PhD is in political science (2003) from the University of Iowa. He has over 15 years of research and writing (both academic and journalistic) in fields of public policy and law, criminal and Constitutional law, and philosophy of science and medicine. His additional areas of expertise and special knowledge include: applied statistics, etymology, political communications/public relations, litigation and court procedure. He has a particular interest in the science and history of vaccines.


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