COVID-19 Vaccine Matters in AU and NZ, Part 1

By Rachael Parsons, Vaxxter contributor

Fears for the future of medical freedom grow in New Zealand and Australia as Covid-19 madness and tyranny intensify.

Escalating actions by the governments of the South Pacific countries over recent weeks, including lockdowns and draconian laws, do not inspire confidence that the two nations will respect the medical freedom of its citizens when a Covid-19 vaccine is released.

Are Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines Coming?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison initially came out saying a Covid-19 vaccine will be “as mandatory as possible”. The next day he backtracked and said it would not be mandatory. However, there is speculation there could be a “no jab, no pay” incentive to take the vaccine as there are already such penalties for childhood vaccination non-compliance. Small businesses are pushing for the right to sack employees if they refuse any available Covid-19 vaccine. Pro-choice Australians and those wanting medical freedom expressed dismay and concern in an Australian National Review article.

The New Zealand Government appears to be hoping that it will be able to convince enough New Zealanders to take a Covid-19 vaccine without it being made mandatory. However, a senior minister recently conceded new amendments to the Covid-19 Health Response Act 2020 could enable vaccines to be mandated at the border if necessary. There is a petition against forced vaccinations and seeking medical freedom circulating.

Positive Covid-19 Cases: People Removed From Homes

An announcement that New Zealanders who test positive for Covid-19 will be removed from their homes to a quarantine facility has been noticed around the world on many alternative media sites but has resulted in little public kick-back in New Zealand. However, the leaders of the new political party Advance New Zealand, Jami-Lee Ross and Billy Te Kahika, say these centers are in effect “detention centers”. The military is involved in quarantine management.

Using a Sledgehammer to Stamp Out a Virus

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has delayed the country’s three-yearly elections until October 17, due to a new community outbreak in Auckland, which at the time of writing was in stage 3 “restrict” lockdown. There have been 22 deaths attributed to Covid-19 in New Zealand and a low case rate. The rest of the country was put into a Level Two “reduced” alert level with more contact tracing and social distancing recommended. New Zealand enjoyed 102 days without community transmission with good hygiene recommended and strict controls only at the border until four community ‘cases’ were found in Auckland. Authorities are using a sledgehammer to try to eliminate the cluster. They are facing criticism the cluster must have grown from a single case that apparently slipped through the border quarantine facilities.

The occasional New Zealand radio show host or opinion piece writer is questioning the Government’s “stamp it out at all costs” mantra. People were heard and seen online to curse the Government when the new lockdown was announced and there have been reports of mask wearers being shamed.  One commentator suggested, “The team of 5 million is splintering”. However, many New Zealanders are still taking tests, knowing there is a likelihood of being removed from their homes if they test positive.

Draconian laws in Victoria

The Australian State of Victoria is in a strict lockdown with curfews, fines, mask mandates and police actively looking for people breaking rules.  Police arrested a pregnant woman and charged her with inciting people to protest the lockdown via a social media post.  The arrest was filmed and shared widely and met with criticism. The Stage 4 lockdown was prompted by a second wave of cases.

Strict national border controls have been criticized on Sky News Australia and in the Australian Business Review. A review article also claims the Covid-19 saga is aimed at introducing mandatory vaccines.  Scott Morrison, Australia’s current Prime Minister, estimates the new lockdown in Victoria will cost the country $12 billion and put 400,000 more Australians out of work. At the time of writing, there were 415 deaths in Victoria attributed to Covid-19 and 502 in all of Australia. From 3,000 to 4,000 Australians are thought to die of influenza complications on average each year. Australia has a population of 25 million.

Ignoring a Balanced Approach

It seems both New Zealand and the Victorian government are more focussed on introducing over-reaching measures to fight a virus which is not a major health issue for most who contract it, rather than keeping businesses open, people in work and food on tables. Both countries have strict border controls in place which will continue to hinder tourism and the economy until reopened. Both governments are ignoring calls for a balanced approach to dealing with Covid-19 while pinning hopes on a vaccine.

Hardship Continues

The New Zealand Government is also advertising to hire a communications staff for a two –year contract that includes managed isolation and being on a quarantined team, suggesting borders could be shut for a long time. The quarantine requirements continue to cause hardship for people returning to New Zealand for compassionate reasons. A family returning from Australia and wanting to attend the tangi (funeral) of a father was recently denied entrance even though they had an exemption on compassionate grounds. Out of desperation, the family escaped the detention center, was subsequently arrested, and all but the youngest child was prosecuted. The mother was sentenced to 14 days in jail.

Prime Minister Ardern is avoiding focusing on the economic calamity caused by the response to Covid-19 and the usual election issues. And now her Government is causing more economic pain by what one overseas media outlet called “freaking out” over four more ‘cases’. Surely a government would consider this a huge political risk to re-election chances but the Labour Government clearly calculates or hopes enough of the public have enjoyed the many hand-outs and being “looked after” in a time of crisis. If a Labour-led Government will act like this just before an election, what will they do if freshly re-elected?

Control Plans Intensify in New Zealand

As former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key warned of economic hardship, the government ramped up control measures. Cabinet papers revealed that the police minister warned the Government that “hard 24/7 controls in any numbers would alter New Zealander’s perception of government control.”  However, this warning seems to have gone unheeded and there are plans for military roadblocks and door to door testing if necessary.

Health Minister Chris Hipkins also urged New Zealanders to stock masks at home, following a world u-turn on the effectiveness of masks. Mask-wearing on public transport is now compulsory. A trial of a “Covid-card” to see if it will be effective in contact tracing is being held in one provincial city. A decision on whether tracing will be adopted more widely to combat any further Covid-19 outbreak is expected later in the year. At this stage, officials are saying it is unlikely to be made mandatory.

However, it is hard to imagine how effective it would be unless it was compulsory. See investigative reporter James Grundvig’s article which touches on possible motives behind contract tracing.

Incentives to Comply: Sign of The Times?

Initially, returning New Zealanders who refused a Covid-19 test were detained in quarantine for an additional two weeks – a total of four weeks. Complying meant you “got out of jail” early. Now new amendments to laws introduced to combat Covid-19 mean the Government could force people to stay and pay until they take a test.

One wonders how many incentives are planned to “encourage” New Zealanders to take the coming Covid-19 vaccine. Is the on-going exaggeration of the seriousness of the pandemic, strict border quarantine, mandating of the test and the lockdown part of a plan to make people so anxious they will willingly take the vaccine so life can get back to “normal”?

The Advance NZ party revealed a New Zealand Government Ministry of Health document which showed consideration of a “No Jab; No Job” style proposal supported by a Covid-19 tracer app.  The possible feature was listed under future options to be added to the current Government-supported app as “immunization status verification for return to work”.

Advance NZ is alarmed by the idea.  However, the Minister of Health says no Covid-19 vaccine will be mandated but people will be encouraged to take it to help keep others “safe”.  Maybe people will be blackmailed with not being able to work and provide food for their families instead?  Hopefully, whoever wins the coming election will heed public pressure mounting about the vaccine and medical freedom.

Vaccine Plans and the Bill Gates Connection

Scientists in New Zealand are currently working on developing a Covid-19 vaccine and the New Zealand Government is funding the project.  In addition, New Zealand is contributing $7 million to GAVI, the Global Vaccine Alliance group, to help fund vaccines and the Covid-19 response in the Pacific. Prime Minister Ardern appears to have good favor with Bill and Melinda Gates who openly fund and support vaccinations and the planned Covid-19 vaccine. Rumors are circulating that at least Bill has visited the country a couple of times during the crisis via private jet. He frequently holidays in New Zealand. Microsoft announced funding for a new cloud data system in the country during the lockdown.

New Zealand and Australia: Time to Wake Up

Concern grows when you realize there is no guarantee any vaccine will be effective and provide lasting immunity. Always keep in mind the vaccines are being rushed through without adequate safety checks. Add in the draconian measures and laws introduced by New Zealand and Australian Victorian governments in response to Covid-19 and alarm bells ring for the freedom-lover.  Critical thinkers are putting two and two together. Let’s hope the scales fall from the eyes of enough New Zealanders and Australians soon before we lose freedom completely.


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Rachael Parsons is a critical thinker and “real news” junkie from “Down Under”.  She wrote for a New Zealand daily newspaper for eight years and also has a degree in teaching and learning and experience in business.

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