Florida SERT Says Parents ‘Need Children’s Vaccine Records’ To Evacuate

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Florida’s State Emergency Response team has been disseminating advice to Floridians as Hurricane Irma continues to grow as an increased threat to the state. The FL Division of Emergency Management has been advising citizens and tourists alike on a variety of potential emergency related issues, including evacuation routes, school closures, and creating family emergency plans. They have also advised that people pack a 2-week supply of medicine.

All sound advice.

However, early this morning, Florida SERT told potential refugees of the storm to “remember to take documentation of their [your children’s] complete immunization history with you.”

Such messaging isn’t abnormal when it involves animals rather than children. The cryptic message is causing many to wonder if evacuation shelters might be checking for vaccine documentation and papers. It is difficult to imagine a great many circumstances whereas vaccine records would be relevant to an impending catastrophe.

I would venture a guess that parents likely have larger issues looming than figuring out if their child has had the flu shot this year. Hurricane Irma is one of the largest, most powerful hurricanes in history. In its trail is an island, St. Martin, which now hangs by a proverbial thread of existence. The storm is likely to begin affecting the Florida area as early as Friday night as thousands continue to flee for safety.

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