Flu Hysteria Causing Healthcare Profits To Surge

flu mania
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This year’s media blitz over the flu has been nothing short of impressive. Many people are now afraid to go out in public for fear of contracting an illness that could potentially kill them. But while the American and global public might be feeling dejected over the constant fear-mongering coverage, the healthcare industry is gloating in more impressive profit margins.

The flu sells, and not just flu shots.

According to Bloomberg, Quest Diagnostics Inc., the lab who receives blood work from medical offices, is showing increases in revenue. Drug distributor McKesson Corp., who is responsible for moving medications from factory to pharmacy (including CVS), is also experiencing higher profits.

For healthcare, this is the biggest profit uptick since the 2009 swine-flu pandemic media blitz.

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“Everyone that has a theoretical benefit from the flu is calling it out as it has been a modest tailwind,” said Jefferies LLC analyst Brian Tanquilut, who expects companies to see an even bigger benefit in the current quarter, according to Bloomberg.

It is almost certain that flu hysteria will become an annual event given that healthcare companies and pharmaceutical companies are reaping benefits.  Unfortunately, profit always comes before a cure. The media is often a wing of political or corporate agendas and this case is unlikely any different. The entire world is hysterical over the flu.


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