Vaccine Injured Boy Not ‘Disabled Enough’ For Compensation Payment

Vaccine injuries are a disgrace, however, leave it to the Government to make them even more disgraceful. Ben Foy, from Strensall, was given a swine flu vaccine shot back in 2010. Now he, like so many others who were administered the same shot, suffers from narcolepsy and cataplexy. Clearly, these conditions have shattered his life. In some cases, the UK’s Vaccine Damage Payments system issued people with similar injuries payments to be used to help them cope with a lifetime’s worth of medical bills. For Foy, however, that’s not going to be the case. According to YorkPress.

The family’s MP Julian Sturdy has spoken about Ben’s situation in Parliament to accuse government Ministers of having an unsympathetic approach to people who have suffered life-changing side effects from vaccinations.

 The eligibility criteria for the Government’s Vaccine Damage Payments scheme has meant Ben is classed as disabled as a result of the vaccination – but not sufficiently enough to receive a one off compensation payment from the government.
It is incredibly disgusting to think that any government anywhere in the world could have a scale for just how much vaccine injury disability is needed to receive compensation. Governments around the world harbor these pharmaceutical companies, they force us to vaccinate, they humiliate parents who decline vaccinations for their children: but when the dust settles, they take no responsibility for any injuries which occur. Even worse more, they have a scale for just how disabled someone needs to be from a vaccine in order to be fairly compensated.
Remember, compensation only helps the person and their family live a little easier. It doesn’t resolve the issue. This person will never lead a normal life at all and now that situation is even worse because he will require lifelong treatments. The financial burden of all of this is sure to make a terrible situation even worse. Here is more.
Mr Sturdy said: “The Department for Work and Pensions has acknowledged that there is a link between Ben’s swine flu vaccination and the development of narcolepsy and cataplexy. The department appears to acknowledge that he is disabled as a result, as Ben is in receipt of disability living allowance, but it is saying that his case is not severe enough and there are no grounds for that disability compensation. As can be imagined, the family feel that that is a complete insult.”
It really is disturbing to think that something as clear cut as Ben’s injury could be swept under the table so nonchalantly.

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