The Haves and the Have Nots

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Reprinted with permission from the original article by Erik Carlson.

We are a nation of haves and have nots, and the gap is widening.

America has been under attack by Communists for decades. Hopefully everyone reading this already understands that history is written by the victors and essentially the history we think we know lies somewhere between a manipulation of the truth and a flat out lie.

It is even more important to understand where Communism comes from; it comes from the British Cabal. Communism was created by these elites to control the world. It was first used to infest and destroy Russia, a country that had a history of standing up to the British Cabal elitists. I should point out, these British Cabal elitists don’t all come from the English bloodline; they come from all walks of life, coming together and having common ground in their Satanism. They just happen to headquarter out of the City of London.

Communism and Socialism are lies. Socialism is used as a gateway drug to Communism. Socialism is Communism doused in perfume. Eventually the perfume wears off, and Communism’s unbathed smell of body odor starts to overpower the senses. But by this point, Communism unfortunately will have taken over and the people who have been fooled by its lies are stuck with what they have done. They’ve invited into their homes the psychopaths who would eventually kill them and all of their loved ones, including their future loved ones.

Communism has always been the plan to destroy America. It goes back at least a century, but the effort accelerated following WWII. Immediately following the end of WWII, General Patton was killed for believing Communism was a bigger threat to America than the Nazis, and Joseph McCarthy was demonized for going after the Commies once they infiltrated America. We’ve all seen what they’ve done and continue to do to Trump and his family.

The thing about the Communist takeover of America is that it has happened from within, and slowly over time so people wouldn’t become aware that it is actually happening. It’s been like a giant children’s game of “red light/green light”. The Communists must avoid being caught pushing Communism forward. Lately they’ve been overly aggressive, increasing the risk of being caught.

Each generation, another Communist concept is added to American society. Baby Boomers were the first generation raised in a new godless society; in fact, in the 1960’s, Satan and Satanism became a part of American pop culture. Generation X was raised in a new non-traditional family era — single parents, divorced parents, gay parents, anything but traditional family households. Millennials were raised in a time of hopelessness, and now Generation Z is being raised in a time where even basic truths are being questioned. Each concept is layered on top of the next.

The Z Generation is actually being raised during a time where God, traditional families, hope and truth have all been removed from society, or rather are no longer the norm. This generation has never lived during a time when traditional values were the norm and not an outlier. Older generations must understand that they didn’t go through early development at a time like this. There must be at least some compassion and understanding for young people’s bizarre behavior and beliefs.

The goal of Communism is to create a society where the elites have everything, and the common people have nothing. It’s a feudalistic society, where the peasants work off the land of the noble elites. The peasants serve the elites. The peasants own nothing, and they are content with this arrangement. As we’ve seen and as it has been reported, during the Biden Administration, the elites’ assets are growing at a record pace, while the middle and working class are experiencing historic financial suffering and a massive loss of purchasing power — whether they understand this or not.

Support for Socialism and Communism has been growing in America because the people pushing it are the rich, powerful and influential elites, and the people who are accepting it are beaten down, broken, and heavily manipulated into believing the lies. Communism disguised as Socialism has been sold as a moral change the nation needs. The people who innocently call for Socialism are often thinking with their hearts rather than their brains. It’s no excuse, but a reality.

The people who innocently believe in the benefits of Communism, wrongly believe in the concept that a high tide lifts all boats. They think Communism would lift the working class and the middle class, while bringing the elites down closer to their level. In reality, Communism is a low tide. The tide going out leaves the working-class fishing boats aground in the harbor, while the luxury yachts that are too big to come into the harbor remain safely afloat.

Socialism and Communism have been sold to the American people as a necessary, moral need. The rich are too rich, and the poor are too poor. The problem is that Communism doesn’t really work to lessen this gap, it actually makes the gap wider. The Civil Rights Movement was sold to Americans in the 1960’s as a way to protect the poor, but in actuality, it created an even wider gap between the poor and the middle class. While creating a perpetual state of poverty, it has also destroyed the family structure of the poor, ensuring that the poor will always remain poor.

The biggest current predictive indicator of who will be poor is not race, it’s whether or not a father is in a family’s home. A white family with no father is much more likely to be poor than a black family with a father in the home. The Civil Rights Movement destroyed the African American family; this was not by accident, it was the intention of the elites who push Communism. Create a perpetual state of poverty, create hopelessness, which leads to the bottom rising up and demanding change, Communism. Change that will hurt them even more and actually benefit the ones they think they are standing up to.

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The haves and the have nots.

If we break down American society into the working-class poor, the middle class and the elites, and we look at how the Biden years have affected each, we can see big differences. Let’s look at how inflation and high interest rates affect each.

Generally speaking, the working-class poor don’t have much and they barely make ends meet during regular times. With high inflation, the working-class poor have two options, live without or go under. There is no wiggle room, there is no ability to give up some luxuries in life to make ends meet. There is no ability to cut back on savings for a while, many can’t even save during good economic times.

High interest rates for the poor means their credit card debt becomes uncontrollable. The debt acquired to make ends meet due to inflation is growing at an out-of-control pace due to the higher interest rates on their credit cards. Eventually there is no room left to add more to their credit cards, and the ability to pay towards the debt barely slows down the growth of their credit card balances. Higher interest rates mean the working-class poor have no hope of buying a home and they are therefore at the mercy of rapidly rising rent.

The middle class has also been greatly affected by inflation and rising interest rates, but in many cases not nearly to the extent of the working-class poor. All of the middle class are affected by inflation, but for many in the middle class, they are able to deal with it by saving less, dining out less, vacationing less, generally doing less, and maybe working a second job. While some of these changes made to deal with inflation will have long term negative effects, for some people it’s just a matter of getting through this time in one piece.

If a family already owns a home with a low-fixed interest rate, the rising interest rates may not be affecting them the way it is affecting others. In fact, the interest rate on their saving account has probably gone up. If a family owns a home outright or has a low-fixed mortgage rate, a large portion of their monthly expenses may not have been greatly impacted the past few years. But for those who have seen their rent double and can’t afford a mortgage at the current rates, they are likely at their wits end. How does a family double their grocery bill, double their energy bill, and double their rent without it greatly impacting their quality of life, and their ability to keep their heads above water?

Even within the middle class, there is a big difference between the haves and the have nots. It’s the homeowners versus the renters. Those with savings versus those without. Those with credit card debt and those without. Those with a job and those who have lost a job or soon will because of the economy. Those with kids in the house versus those without. In many areas of the country, a six-figure household income is now necessary to afford an average house. In some areas, low six-figures won’t even do.

A middle-class American family with a low-interest fixed rate on a house they bought ten to fifteen years ago might be paying half or a third of what it would cost a family to rent that same house today. The cost of food obviously affects a family of four twice as much as an empty nester household. The cost of commuting and driving might be costing a two-income family with long commutes and kid’s activities two to four times as much as a family that works closer to home or who are retired. What I’m trying to say here is the current economy is affecting everyone at different degrees depending on their circumstances, and some worse than others.

In many cases, those who did a good job in saving and preparing ahead of time, aren’t suffering as much today, and those who didn’t prepare as well are suffering much more. But in some cases, it’s purely circumstantial. The difference between losing or not losing one’s job today may be about dumb luck. The difference between buying a house fifteen years ago to start a family might be purely about age, and not about being responsible. A 30-year-old starting a family today couldn’t have bought a house fifteen years ago, and saving diligently, a decent down payment five years ago might have been unrealistic for a 25-year-old. A 30-year-old wanting to start a family today faces many more difficulties than they would 50, or 30 or even 10 years ago.

Many young people today can’t even afford to rent an apartment or house with multiple roommates. I understand why some people are so frustrated, hopeless and angry and think Socialism or Communism makes sense. I just think that many have been misled into believing this. These people have been fooled and manipulated into believing that giving more power to the government will fix things, when the government is actually responsible for the state of society that they wish to escape.

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Yes, a change needs to occur, I think we all agree with this. But the change that needs to occur isn’t to abandon Capitalism but rather to rid the country of the Communists who are drumming up Communist support by intentionally creating economic conditions that create hopelessness, frustration and anger.

Socialism and Communism are not the answers, but I understand why and how people have been convinced to believe they are. If I was raised in a time where truth is subjective, hopelessness is the norm, and family values and God were never a part of my life, I can understand how young people would want to believe in something else. I can understand how people raised on social media could be misled into believing the people they support are actually the people who are holding them down.

I was raised in the 1980’s when Ronald Reagan was the president of America, music was uplifting, diverse, and actually good, Carl Lewis and Mary Lou Retton were winning gold medals, Hulk Hogan was waiving an American flag in the squared circle, Rambo was wasting Commies, and Bo Derek posters were on teenage boys’ bedroom walls.

Today Joe Biden is president, athletes kneel during the national anthem, success in the entertainment industry is determined purely by how much one is willing to degrade themself, and people can’t even settle on who is a woman, or what makes a person a woman.

Hopeless, confused, angry and afraid. These are probably the four pillars needed to take over a society. Hopeless in that one might not have faith in God or can visualize a future that is prosperous. Confused in not understanding what is truly important in life like having close, personal, real relationships. Angry in that they don’t have the life they feel they deserve. Afraid that as bad as things are, the future will likely be worse.

The haves and the have nots.

There are many reasons why some are the haves, and some are the have nots. But it’s not always about discipline, sacrifice, and hard work. This may be the case much of the time, but it’s not always the case. Circumstances outside of one’s control, timing, being raised in a different era, and having strong role models and support can make all the difference in the world.

I can’t personally think of anyone who is a person of faith, who has built their life around family and close relationships, who owns a home, is financially successful, is happy and content in life but who also at the same time is pushing for a Communist society.

I can personally think of many miserable, overly medicated, godless people, who are hopeless, lacking in good relationships, who have nothing and believe Communism is the answer to all their problems in life. I don’t mean this as an insult, but this is the state of mind that American society has created. Many Americans are so busy staring into their own navels that they can’t see that others are living fulfilling lives. These miserable people can’t seem to put two and two together and consider that maybe the happy people are happy because of how they live their lives and what they prioritize, not necessarily what they own. Many people have a lot, and due to conditioning, can’t see how much they really have.

When I see hopeless, miserable people protesting and essentially fighting to take away my family’s freedoms and the things we’ve worked hard and sacrificed to have, I don’t really get angry with them. I understand the level of manipulation that goes into creating their anger and discontent. People don’t want to be unhappy; they don’t prefer to feel hopeless; they are manipulated, and in some cases, life has been made unbearably hard for them.

My anger is with the elites who lie to and manipulate the people and create a world in which many feel they can’t succeed. In many cases, the younger generations will never have what prior generations take for granted, and our debt is being passed onto them. I just believe their anger and frustration is misguided, manipulated and pointed in the wrong direction.

What’s the answer? It’s not to throw the baby out with the bath water, it’s to drain the tub of the filthy water. Capitalism works if it is not sabotaged. Remove the saboteurs from the system. It really is this simple. It’s not easy, but it is simple.

Create a more level playing field, where financial success is more about innovation, sacrifices and hard work, rather than circumstances outside of one’s control. Eliminate the influence and conditions that create hopelessness and anger. Remove the roadblocks that keep people from finding the route that really leads to happiness and contentment.

For America to work, everyone must feel as though they have a fair shot at having a good life, and frankly, it’s not that much to ask. Many people sincerely believe they have no shot. Many people are so frustrated and angry that they believe in the ridiculous ideas the elites are pushing. We can’t be angry with these manipulated people. Many of us were once like them.

Saving America requires patience and forgiveness. Not to the evil Cabal, but for the people who have been misled. Forgiveness is hard when so many of these confused people have attacked us personally. But in order for America to be saved, the people need to unify against the Deep State Cabal, the controllers.

Unity requires forgiveness. Forgiving can be painful, but in this case, it is necessary. Not all will come around, but many will. We must be patient as God is patient with us, because many who are currently manipulated to protect the evil system will soon recognize their folly and will be left with no allies, and nothing to grasp on to.

Doing deep dives and learning about and exposing the lies we have been told is important. But for many of us it is probably more important at this point in time to transition from flying bombing missions over the enemy to building bridges that allow the manipulated masses to escape the war-torn regions.


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