How You Can Help Vaccine Safety News Survive

We are being silenced.

Content about vaccine safety and the opposition to mandatory vaccination is being intentionally buried by Facebook and the powers that be.

If you watched Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate hearings, you already know what’s going on.

Mandatory vaccination laws are popping up in state legislatures all over the nation, and regions all over the world. Global governments are subverting free speech and your right to refuse.

Diamond and Silk have become the Poster Girls for what has been happening to all of us. It’s time for us to let you know…the same suppression of speech has happened to us here at

I have to ask you a serious question. I want you to think long and hard about it.

Do you want to see websites like ours die out?

We speak out every day against powerful opposition.

Facebook has stifled our reach to you, the people who want to follow us.

Will you consider supporting us now?



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The Internet is really owned by only a few mega companies. They can throttle free speech any time they wish. And anything that is out of step with Big Pharma’s plan for widespread mandatory vaccines? You’ll hear none of it.

Look what Senator Pan is trying to do in California with the introduction of SB 1424. The bill will “require any person who operates a social media, as defined, Internet Web site with a physical presence in California to develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Web site.” No requirements for MSM – only those of us who oppose the status quo.

Do you think they want you know now about mandatory vaccination? About mandatory medication? About medical kidnapping? About new vaccines headed for your arm?

Will you contribute to keep us online and growing?


Many people have no idea about how much money it takes to run an online business. We pay monthly websites hosting fees. We pay large monthly fees to email hosts such as MailChimp and ActiveCampaign. We pay for security certificates. We pay developers. We pay writers. We spend time researching local issues that affect all of us. And this is a business, so our work needs to be compensated too.
The Powers That Be know they can suffocate us and choke out our business by keeping our content from you, our loyal fans and followers.

Eventually, we will fade away, which is exactly what Facebook and Google want, as they laugh all the way to the bank.

So many of you have been asking us how you can help. Here’s how: Help us by contributing to our expenses.

The sites we own are a big part of our lives. Once they become too costly to run and our exposure is choked by the Big Boys, we will be forced to close down for good.

Please consider even a small donation via our online account, or through the mail.

make donation checks payable to

CHOONADI, LLC, owner of
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The First Amendment of the US Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

We support free speech.
We are part of the Alternative Press that the MSM want to suppress and eliminate.


We are so appreciative for each and every one of our supporters. Let’s win this together – thank you in advance!

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and the Vaxxter Staff

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