Hundreds Of Illinois Non-Vaccinated Kids Denied School Entry

Peoria, Illinois kids, estimated in the 100s, were denied access to public schools when the schools declared them as not being compliant with vaccines. The main vaccine in question was meningitis. They were said to have not provided documentation to prove they received state mandated vaccines. The children were 6ht through 12 grade students.

According to

About 700 District 150 students have been forced to stay home, and the Pantagraph reports a combined 177 students were not allowed at school in Unit 5 and District 87.

The students cannot attend until they show proof of vaccination.

The denial, in large part, is likely a rouse being used for intimidation purposes for parents who may be on the fence regarding vaccines. The idea or thought of their child being herded up like cattle and sent back to their home is terrifying to any parent.

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