Iowa Flu Doctors Warn Parents Of Flu Crisis, Say ‘More Important Than Ever To Get Flu Shots Now’

iowa flu crisis

Doctors in Iowa are warning parents that a flu crisis may already be happening in Iowa, only a month after school began.

They say that it is now “more important than ever to get a flu shot” for their kids.

Iowa was “hit hard” last year by the flu, leading doctors to make a hard push for early flu shots.

Doctors are claiming to only use the flu mist, which was shown to be ineffective last year, only if they are desperate. The flu shot is preferred.

One vaccine nurse in Iowa called hand washing a “good first step” but said that nothing is more important than a flu shot.

“The most important thing about the flu vaccine, as with any vaccine, is that they want to prevent complications and deaths from this deadly disease. The flu vaccine does do that; it does need to be more effective, but it is your best chances at preventing the complications,” says Bethany Bjorklund, the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health Immunization Nurse.

Flu hysteria is now full speed ahead not only in Iowa but all around the country. Yesterday, we reported on an experimental vaccine study on children in St. Louis.

Arkansas is freaking out over the potential for flu.

“With the information we have at this point, it appears that the scientist at the World Health Organization have picked the right strains to have the flu vaccine be effective as possible,” Dr. Dirk Haselow, Arkansas State Epidemiologist, said.

Arkansas clinics are offering “free flu shots.”


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