Is Weather Modification Being Used Against Us?

There is One who dwells above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers. He is stretching out the heavens like a fine gauze and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in. — Isaiah 27:22

Man has lost the capacity to foresee and forestall. He will end by destroying the earth. –President Dwight D. Eisenhower

It all feels so “fake, phony, and farce” as Sean of SGT likes to say. Doesn’t it? The weather is no exception. Even if I didn’t know about HAARP (short for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), I’d still suspect a weather modification system was being used against us. Deadly twisters in Mississippi. Snow in Southern California. Two back-to-back hurricanes in Florida. A weatherman has never had it so good; by the way did you know that that they’re now called ‘Climate Change’ Specialists’?

It was only after recently visiting Mexico that I remembered what the sky and clouds used to look like before all the endless chemtrails and odd weather. In January 2023, the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources outlawed chemtrails and geoengineering. Mexico made this bold and amazing move on the heels of discovering there was a start-up in Baja California literally called “Make Sunsets.” Mexico was pretty much telling the Un-United States of America to keep that garbage away.

“Blocking out sunlight via sulfur particles could trigger rapid and significant global shifts in precipitation that could leave some parts of the planet flooded and others arid, according to past research,” reported Newspunch.

Climate Cult – I mean “Change” – anyone?

I am not a climate engineering expert, but I can tell you I don’t recall ever having so many catastrophic weather events. Do you? For a deeper submersion on geoengineering information, you can turn to lead researchers like Dane Wigington.

The news tells us this climate change is stemming from a carbon crisis but given the Hegalian Ways of the Deep State, I am not so sure. Aside from the blatant outfit “Make Sunsets,” there is no shortage of information on technologies like cloud seeding, despite The Ministry of Truth’s effort to actively vaporize our reality B.C. (as Klaus Schwab refers to Before Coronavirus).

Some critical minds allege that the erratic weather is being driven by frequency weapons.

Turkey~ NATO Shake Down 

Before we take a deeper dive into weather modification, the recent 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023, prompted “conspiracy theorists” to say that the rumbles were artificially generated as a punitive operation for rejection of a NATO expansion less than a week prior. Some pointed to footage that showed lightning strikes, which is apparently not normal in earthquakes. More than 50,00 have reportedly died.

“The earthquake could also have been a nuke,” says Zach Vorhies, Google Whistleblower, and software engineer. “It could also be the sun that sends high-velocity particles traveling at insane speeds that pass right through us but get caught up in the mantle. When a huge wave of these blows out, earthquakes happen.”

He suggested I look at the radiation stations all over the world to see if there was a spike.

“Last time I checked, during the ‘Tonga explosion,’ all radiation stations had mysteriously gone offline.”

While I didn’t get that far, I did learn that Turkey is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries, as it is located in an active seismic zone on the Alpine-Himalayan earthquake belt. It’s among the countries most affected by disasters on a global scale due to its tectonic, seismic, topographic, and climactic structure.  As a result, the country has a sophisticated seismic monitoring system with real-time high-rate monitoring for reliable filtering of accelerometer data. Did all their early warning systems fail? I’d love to know.

“Everything is problematic in the country,” a local Turkish man told me. “Meaning the present regime has many incompetent people in positions that should not be there. Also remember the EU and Turkey are trying to get a pipeline from there through Syria.”

So was the earthquake manipulated?

As an aside, you may be surprised– or not– to learn there was a live exercise called Cascadia Rising in 2022 about earthquakes where thousands of people from dozens of government agencies, the military, nonprofits, and businesses. Imagine the magnitude — 25,000 personnel and 17 time zones joining remotely. They were even given scripts with key information and afterward there was a lengthy after-action report that detailed the results and issues. They even made a mockumentary. Full-scale exercises are also designed to promptly develop after-action reports and plans for quickly incorporating lessons learned into future operations.

HAARP Revisited 

HAARP is the world’s most powerful high-frequency transmitter touted for its “ionospheric research.” The ionosphere is the area where the Earth’s atmosphere meets space. According to NASA, “the ionosphere stretches roughly 50 to 400 miles above Earth’s surface, right at the edge of space. Along with the neutral upper atmosphere, the ionosphere forms the boundary between Earth’s lower atmosphere — where we live and breathe — and the vacuum of space.”

The antenna field at the 5,408-acre HAARP site in Alaska was first a chunk of black-spruce forest and wetlands that US Air Force officials purchased from the native corporation Ahtna in 1989, writes Jerry E. Smith in his 1998 book HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon Of The Conspiracy

Work on the HAARP facility began in 1993 and at its completion in 2002, the area covered a gravel pad of 33 acres, with 180 antenna towers in a grid of 15 columns and 12 rows. Each antenna is powered by two transmitters, and when activated, they send a focused beam of radio-wave energy into the ionosphere, 50-600 miles overhead to a region of space that is home to the aurora. Pumping energy can make large columns of air move up or down and also form clouds and thunderstorms.

According to the military, the purpose of the HAARP antenna array is to stimulate, on a very small scale, phenomena similar to those that occur naturally when energy from the sun interacts with the earth’s upper atmosphere.

The ionosphere is also used to bounce radio waves around the earth, making long-range communications possible. A researcher has called HAARP “the world’s largest ham radio.” If these transmitters are used to change the ionosphere at known points, you could arguably jam the rest of the world’s signals, while leaving your own messages unaffected.  Arguably HAARP could disrupt worldwide radio communications.

How? HAARP has a unique feature, its patented ability to focus these transmissions into a single point high in the sky. This magnifies the output a thousand times, giving HAARP an effective radiated power in excess of 3.6 billion Watts!

“This makes it over 72,000 times more powerful than the largest commercial radio station in the United States,” writes Smith.

HAARP was funded by the Senate to use Earth-penetrating tomography (EPT) to verify treaties prohibiting the spread of weapons of mass destruction. EPT could also be used to find buried hazardous waste sites, new sources of oil or even to predict volcanic eruptions.


As Smith argues, “this is the true story of one military program that pretends to be a ‘harmless’ civilian research project. HAARP is not science fiction. It is a potentially deadly reality.”

You can see how HAARP became a popular subject of conspiracy theories about its use for weather modification or mind control.

So what is lurking behind the academic facade of this Alaska institution? What if this transmitter does more than merely reshape the ionosphere? What if it could “burn” holes in that protective ionospheric layer?

“That would allow deadly radiation from outer space to pour through, searing the earth. You could release a burst of radiation over a target, as deadly as a nuclear bomb,” writes Smith. “There would be no explosion and no damage to buildings and equipment. Yet, every living thing within the area exposed would be dead or dying. What could a nation at war do with a weapon that could undetectably redirect the jet stream? The weather could be controlled over whole continents, causing floods and droughts as desired. Weather control is food control. Could not such a weapon drive the enemy to his knees without firing a shot?

Based on HAARP’s capabilities, consider again whether the powers that be can summon earthquakes on demand. Weather Warfare is not only possible, it’s actually in play now. Consider that The National Science Foundation has received funding “to initiate and support a program of study, research, and evaluation in the field of weather modification.” 

To think that HAARP almost fell to bulldozers in 2012, when the Department of Defense (DOD) wanted to get out from under the cost of running the facility — which includes about $250,000 each year just to heat the dozens of transmitter buildings in the winter. As Smith wrote many more than 25 years ago, “DOD would have us believe that HAARP is a phase one, pure science project. Many of HAARP’s detractors believe it is actually a phase two “proof-of-concept” mockup of a weapons system.”

Maybe now in 2023, we’re in phase three.



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Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, and founder, and editor-in-chief of the health magazine and marketplace HoneyColony. She is also a functional medicine consultant/coach, and the director of the award-winning documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Elliot Page. Follow her on Gab: @ladybee. Email her: maryam @


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