New Report Says ADHD Cases Are Skyrocketing

Diagnoses for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are skyrocketing, according to a new report released Friday. The report shows a drastic increased in kids diagnosed with the disorder over the last 20 years.

The research shows a 4% increase in cases.

For many, this is more evidence of an overmedicated society’s consequences rearing its ugly head. For others, looser stipulations in ADHD diagnosis criteria, or “better early detection,” explain the sharp rise.

Whatever the case, the report, which was reported by ABC’s Philadelphia affiliate, is causing lots of controversy and debate.

What’s really causing the rise?

Is ADHD overdiagnosed? Do medications that are more prevalent than ever cause symptoms of ADHD? Are kids’ poor diets serving as fuel for the issue?

No matter where you may stand on the issue, parents of all walks are taking notice that our children’s health is on the decline. They are overmedicated, fed poor diets, and overdiagnosed. Pharma is pushing to “make illnesses” happen.

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