Pro-Vaccine Doctor Says He’s Now Against Them

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Most doctors will admit that during medical school, they aren’t taught anything in regards to vaccines. The dangers of vaccines are glossed over by medical schools. Doctors are taught the art of prescribing medicine. Solutions, for Doctors, are medicine. While most doctors remain indoctrinated through the duration fo their careers, others do see the light and break away from the mainstream medical thinking.

Dr. Mackenzie discusses his transition from being pro-vaccine to understanding the severe risks of vaccination.

He says he has “no ax to grind” and “no skin in the game.”

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“Any physician who will do their own research, and look at the science, both sides of this, and look where the biases are, and look at the bad epidemiology that is out there, will have a change of heart. That’s assuming they don’t have a lot at stake.”

Even questioning the safety of vaccines can lead to being labeled as a pariah by your local community. This inherently is often times why people refuse to stand up and even question the vaccine system. The system is set up to condemn those who question or oppose the system. It subverts the truth.

So what can you do? You can get involved. You can read as much unbiased information as possible.