Professor Condemns HPV Vaccine After Receiving $270k Grant To Study It

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After reading this I couldn’t help but feel the wind release from my sails. A Concordia University professor named Genevieve Rail won a Federal grant of $270k to study the HPV vaccine. After studying it, she condemned it; and now no one is happy. She also said there was no proof that HPV causes cervical cancer. This flies directly in the face of a nobel prize winning discovery which states that it does.

Rail has publicly attacked the HPV vaccine and that’s caused severe backlash. Check out the quotes from the National Post.

“This is akin to funding research that purports to show tobacco smoking does not cause lung cancer,” charged Eduardo Franco, head of cancer epidemiology at McGill University. “And that tobacco cessation, rather than helping reduce risk, is actually causing harm …  CIHR would not fund such a study, would it?”

Marc Steben, a Montreal family doctor and chair of the Canadian Network on HPV Prevention, was more blunt.

“I don’t know who was on her (grant awarding) jury,” he said. “Someone was really sleeping.” (full story is here)

The disturbing result of this is that it is further proof that those who go against the grain are considered pariah status and shunned. Proving that a vaccine is unsafe unsettles the herd, leads to abusive condemnation and can cost you dearly. This woman is educated and achieved, she was on the forefront of an unbiased study, yet her findings are simply washed away due to not reflecting what the Government agencies and pharmaceutical companies wanted her to conclude. What was the point of the grant? To simply lay down and push pharma propaganda? This is exactly the reason for which unbiased studies can’t be accomplished.

Check out her tweets regarding the matter.

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