Showdown at Sarasota Memorial Hospital

When did hospitals turn into jails?

Watershed moments only come around so often. Last summer, the Anthony Fauci “end of life” protocol of ventilators and Remdesivir for “Covid positive” victims in major hospitals, came to a head at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Over a span of twelve days, this time last year, the hospital gained nationwide notoriety.

[Credit: Image collage created by James Grundvig]

The story began when retired ER medical doctor Stephen Guffanti, a Sarasota County resident, checked into Sarasota Memorial Hospital at the start of August in 2021. Mistreated from the outset, the facility like other Big Hospital systems used the CDC recommended, false-positive PCR tests to put patients like Dr. Stephen Guffanti in the isolation ward. Once there, isolated under COVID-19 care, Guffanti was separated from seeing any family members or friends–aka “witnesses” to a potential crime.

Knowing that he and his roommate’s–a 50-year-old marathon runner and father, who would die three weeks later–bacterial pneumonia cases weren’t being treated properly under medical care. That impelled Dr. Stephen Guffanti to take action. First, he became the “patient advocate” for his very sick roommate; then he signed himself out under “AMA” (-Against Medical Advice), or so he thought.

On the eleventh day, Dr. Guffanti attempted self-discharge from the hospital was blocked. Instead, Sarasota Memorial Hospital security guards kidnapped him, put him in “restraints” meant for a prisoner, and then brought Guffanti down to the cellar and dumped the 70-year-old medical doctor in an isolation room, similar to the D.C. Gitmo holding pens for J6 prisoners. For four hours, tied up and unable to relieve himself, Guffant urinated in his pants before he was released.

That was how Sarasota Memorial Hospital treated one of their own community medical doctors. Like a hostage.

The fallout included my American Media Periscope “Breaking News” interview with Dr. Stephen Guffanti on same the day he escaped Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Neither he nor his roommate were alone in the hospital-turned-prison-ward system.

In abusing the PCR tests along with the CDC’s Covid policies, Sarasota Memorial Hospital–like Dr. Deborah Birx admitted last week–“made up the Covid rules” as they went along with a weak pandemic. A pandemic so non-lethal that they came up with new definitions for what is a vaccine to now monkeypox to include herpes and shingles. By the way, those two are listed as adverse events by the FDA and in the vaccine manufacturers package inserts for the Covid bioweapons.

In another case, Michelle Taveras, the Executive Director of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s organization, was blocked from seeing her dying father, who was also kept in isolation at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Between Taveras’ father (who would die a few weeks later) and Dr. Guffanti’s great escape with his roommate dying still confined to the isolation ward, enough was enough.

Protests ensued the next day outside Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Michelle Taveras retained a lawyer that finally broke the hospital’s flagrant abuse of patient rights’ so she and her mother could visit her father before he passed away.

“Since when did hospitals turn into jails?”

“A doctor from Florida reported on his recent experience in the hospital. Dr. Stephen Guffanti was entered into Sarasota Memorial Hospital in early August. During his stay, he was roomed with another individual who had COVID. The other individual required antibiotics for pneumonia he contracted but the hospital refused to order him the badly needed drugs.

“The doctor offered to represent the 50-year-old patient but the hospital continued to not address the man’s pneumonia. When the doctor offered to help the man, the hospital put the doctor in restraints until they decided how to deal with him.

“This unbelievable story appears to be an effort by those in power to COVID-Kill the middle-aged man by not providing to him the anti-biotics needed to kill pneumonia.”

Unbelievable doesn’t begin to describe the horror, mistreatment, and malpractice at the hand of so-called medical professionals in a medical care institution the size of Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Sure, Dr. Guffant filed a police complaint that achieved little. But as he would also discover, no American lawyer wanted to represent him in such a “lightning rod” case–likely because he wasn’t murdered, but would have been had he not checked himself out under AMA duress.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Conservative Uprising

On a July 30, the Washington Post, which is owned by one of the 38 global shadow government members in Jeff Bezos, published a “freak out” article:

“Conservatives Skeptical of Coronavirus Vaccines Battle to Lead a Hospital: The battle for control of one of Florida’s largest public health systems has turned political”

In the article, reporter Tim Craig wrote breathlessly:

  • “All you need to do is look at how [school boards] have now become very political…”
  • “’Over the last 3 years, we have seen our freedom slowly eroding,’” Fiorucci wrote on her campaign website.”
  • “In August, Sarasota County resident Stephen Guffanti, a former emergency room physician and outspoken conservative activist, was admitted to Sarasota Memorial Hospital for coronavirus treatment. Guffanti, who was skeptical he really was infected with the virus, was placed in a hospital room with another coronavirus patient.
  • “Within days, Guffanti said in an interview, both he and his roommate develop pneumonia — a complication of the virus.”

The last line, “a complication of the virus,” has now been exposed and debunked as yet another CDC Covid lie. We now know, under real science as opposed to the Cult of Fauci Scientism, that bacterial pneumonia for the past two and a half years were caused not by a common cold virus, but by the overzealous, zombified CDC mask mandates.

Another revealing line by Craig: “Kim Savage, a hospital spokes-woman, declined to comment on Guffanti’s allegations, citing privacy laws.” [Emphasis ours]

Clearly, Sarasota Memorial Hospital told Savage to stand-down and not to comment on the case. Why? Because premeditated murder–“I was only following orders”–has no statute of limitations. Don’t forget, Dr. Guffanti is a leading witness in the death of his roommate.

In the end, Tim Craig dropped one “conspiracy theory” label, demonstrating his bias against conservatives and Christians. He tried to tar and feather “medical freedom” movement, which is only picking up steam against the medical fascists in charge at HHS, CDC, NIH, FDA, and Big Hospitals. Combined, they are now tripling down with more pandemic mandates to come by declaring a nationwide emergency for a mostly gay-men disease in Monkeypox. Or what I call Monkeyhoax.

The real watershed moment will come on August 23, when Sarasota voters can start the demolition operation and clean out the Sarasota Memorial Hospital board members, and then open an investigation to the dangerous treatment of the hospital’s COVID-19 patients.

Per Craig: “The current board members up for reelection this year, all of whom are also Republicans, appear stunned to now face a challenge from the more conservative wing of their party.”

As the Bruce Willis character said in the action movie “Die Hard” after he threw a dead terrorist out the window on the police cruiser below: “Welcome to the party, pal.”

August 23 Vote Can Break the Dam of Truth

A forensic investigation with discovery examining internal emails, protocols, timelines, federal government Covid payoffs, and more would deliver a seismic blow to the Big Hospital medical establishment. It would also warn other hospital systems that the people will come for the same “pound of flesh” after the old beast system crashes.

August 23 can lead to a 2023 victory for patient rights with potential indictments and fines against the hospital to follow. Any policy or legislated shields or immunity will not stop the law when fraud and a killing scheme is involved.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital is one of many Big Pharma, Big Government controlled operations across the 50 states. But it could be a game changer in terms of patient rights and accountability.

As I have said on my show “Unrestricted Truths” many times, the March 2020 CARES Act, which incentivized the Covid death protocols, was actually a “sting operation” to trap the criminals.

In order to uncover the crimes committed under medical tyranny, investigators will only need to “follow the money” to shine a light on the corruption and a lot worse.

Floridians can take action and VOTE till Aug 23rd, 2022.  VOTE HERE


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James Grundvig has written and published as a freelance journalist and columnist, covering subjects from autism, its cause and treatments, clean technology, green energy, and the BP Oil Spill, to business and Wall Street, and completed investigative reports on a wide range of topics since 2005. He is the founder of the cloud-based software startup in 2011 to integrate supply chain logistics in the Construction IT space. James has 25 years of consulting engineering and construction management experience on projects of scale and complexity in the New York City area. He is the author of Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement and the Government Betrayal at the CDC.

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