TEXAS: Massive Measles Outbreaks Caused By ‘Anti-Vaxxers,’ PUSHES FOR MANDATORY VACCINATIONS

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“Measles is making a comeback”

“Measles epidemic is on the horizon”

These are just a couple of the recent headlines coming out of Texas as the state begins a major push to eliminate vaccine exemptions. The state is blaming those who choose to opt-out of vaccines to be the scapegoats in their “doomsday” predictions.

Via NBC4i.

AUSTIN, TX (KXAN) — A Texas medical researcher is raising concerns about a potential large-scale comeback of the measles.

Peter Hotez, Baylor College researcher, says Texas is just one of several states on the verge of a measles out-break. The main reason is because parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

Immunizations are a highly debated topic. Texas state lawmakers are already working to change the trend of opting out of immunizations.

Texas would be a massive victory for pharmaceutical companies, their largest conquest since California was toppled. The Lone Star state is one of the most prestigious libertarian-esq frontiers when it comes to parental choice, which is why the pharmaceutical-lobbied Government is now taking aim at it.

California fell victim to Mandatory Vaccination shortly after a measles “outbreak” in Disney’s Anaheim base harmed no one. Measles used to be something we just got and dealt with, now it is being pitched as the dividing line between living and dying. Texas legislators are just looking for fuel to scare the masses and this is likely exactly what the need to succeed.

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