Ludicrous Texas Clinic Warns Community It Has Given Useless Vaccines ‘For Months’

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A Conroe, Texas clinic is warning the community tonight, conveying that vaccines given by the clinic for MONTHS are considered bad. Apparently the clinic didn’t store the vaccines correctly, causing them to be “ineffective.” The clinic, of course, suggested that everyone rush back in and get replacement vaccines, because there is no one you should trust more than the clinic that didn’t even follow proper vaccine protocol FOR MONTHS to begin with. But, they are free, so there is that. According to ABC13, this horrible mistake went on from March through October.

Five weeks ago, the Montgomery County Hospital District issued a public notice — that vaccinations given between March and October included vaccine that hadn’t been stored at the recommended temperature.

Bottom line to those clients: come in and get a new vaccination. Of 520 people who got the shots, fewer than half have done so, and most of them are children.

A state audit revealed the refrigerator in which the vaccines were kept dipped below 34 degrees. The vaccine manufacturer couldn’t guarantee the product would still be effective.

The refrigerator has been replaced, but the call is still out to the clients who have yet to respond.

The vaccinations include those for hepatitis A and B, whopping cough, polio, pneumonia, flu, and diphtheria, among others.

How on earth anyone could ever trust this clinic again is beyond rational thinking. This is a sustained irresponsibility. We aren’t talking a day or two, we are talking a Spring, Summer and most of Fall. The reality of vaccines are already quite sobering, considering the injuries and deceptive pharmaceutical maneuvers involved with them, but to think that the handlers of these vaccines can’t even follow simple protocol makes the entire situation even more ridiculous and unsafe. How could anyone bring themselves to go back in for a “free” vaccine replacement? You’d have to be insane.

Lets really consider this for a moment. The vaccine maker ships the vaccines to the clinic. The clinic has storing instructions and handling protocols. They don’t even care enough to check out these metrics and protocols at any point for 5 months. But this isn’t even the worst part: The Hospital currently is talking to their legal team to find out if they can release the names of all the students who were given the bad vaccines.

The COO of the hospital district said its lawyers have been contacted, to see if health privacy laws will allow it to release the names of students who received the vaccinations to school nurses.

Privacy laws, you know, just a minor bump in the road waiting to be trampled on by a completely irresponsibly ran hospital.

Now, all these people who were given “ineffective vaccines,” they must be sick, right? Guess again.

So far, the health department has received no reports of clients coming down with the illnesses they were to be protected against.

So placebo vaccines are given to a community. No one gets sick. How absolutely great is that? People were running on pure chance at that 4th of July BBQ and then risking death while dressing up like Mad Max on Halloween. Somehow they avoid death. Go placebo vaccines! This is the science we needed to prove that placebo vaccines save lives. I know I will sleep better tonight.

Photo by twm1340

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