The Moment Nancy Grace Learns Pharma Can’t Be Sued Over Vaccine Injuries

nancy grace vaccines

When it comes to vaccine side effects and injuries, suing pharmaceutical companies is simply off the table. The government’s version of “vaccine court,” instead, handles those cases.

For many people, learning this information for the first time can be a bit shocking, to say the least. And that’s exactly what happened to then HLN host, Nancy Grace, back in 2014.

Grace is a lawyer, but it seems the news still came as a surprise to her during her interview with  Rebecca Estepp.

Watch for yourself.

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14 Comments on "The Moment Nancy Grace Learns Pharma Can’t Be Sued Over Vaccine Injuries"

  1. So as long as I get my baby vaccinated along with 95% of other children, your unvaccinated child will be safe. How nice for you. Until YOU start an outbreak. Kind of like the one we’re having here in Washington. How ignorant, immoral, and generally self centered can you be? What a sad day when uneducated people believe a few websites when truth is right before their eyes. But hey, who cares so long as the rest of us do what’s right so you can live your lie.

  2. There is little scientific proof of the efficacy of the flu shot according to Cochrane metastudy analysis. Most of the industry/manufacturer financed studies are poorly designed. For instance, the pharmaceutical companies deliberately mislead the public by replacing absolute risk by relative risk to artificially increase the efficacy of the vaccine. There is scientific evidence that ample vitamin D3 and megadosing C-vitamin is a safe and effective treatment during infection. Many people may sincerely believe that all vaccines, including flu vaccines are safe and adverse reactions are rare. Yet, VAERs payout of 4 034 347 449,75USD (January 2019) and non-pharma financed emerging real science research all point to the risks. Risks largely unknown and misunderstood by the public and deliberately mispresented by the medical apparatus and paid media.

  3. My aunt and my neighbor died from the flu shot. Both got Gullian Barre syndrome.
    My neighbor was totally paralyzed for 6 months before he died. Even his eyelids. Hell on earth.

  4. Come and dance ? in Australia- no exemptions here and limited opposition of knowledge as to how to defend vaccine injury cases

  5. Did you hear that female attorney say what’s best for government, um, I mean the public??? There it is…

  6. Death due to adverse drug reactions (all drugs not just vaccines) is the leading cause of death in the US. People just don’t realize how common it is. You can sue the drug manufacturer only if there were issues in the way they conducted their clinical trials, failed to warn the public etc not because of drug incompatibility (doctor’s fault). It’s complicated. Vaccine reactions are very common and can be serious. Most cases are children. If people could sue the drug manufacturer for vaccine injuries, there would be too many high profile cases. Lawyers have access to the cases reported to the CDC (adverse vaccine reactions must be reported, doctors have a legal duty of care to report them but it’s estimated they only report 10% of them). Vaccine court has completely different laws than suing through the Supreme Court. It’s very difficult to obtain a settlement. The burden of proof is solely on the claimant to prove causation. Approximately 1 in 20,000 children have a serious vaccine reaction and have been compensated by winning their claim. 3.8 billion dollars have been paid out through vaccine court settlements.

  7. My Daughter had Guillian-barre from the flu shot. She nearly died and had to learn to walk all over again!!

  8. Guillian-Barré syndrome is listed as a side effect on the manufacturer drug insert.

  9. Uncommon….right

  10. My son got ADEM from the MMR shot

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