Vaccines and Playing Politics with Children’s Health

There’s emerging health information that you need to know about vaccines. With the new administration in place, debate is raging once again over the topic of vaccine safety and integrity.

As we have discussed here at, attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was asked by the President to chair a special commission to review vaccine safety. And while some people are celebrating that appointment, others are rolling their eyes and calling it “anti-science.”

Meanwhile, states like California have already enacted SB277, vaccine legislation to force children to be fully vaccinated attend school both public AND private. Legitimate risks exist on both sides, and parents are caught in the middle of the crossfire between family members, pediatricians, and even employers. It’s enough to scare everyone into a frozen state of indecision.

But the stakes are real, and you absolutely must know the truth.

That’s why I’m VERY excited to tell you about a new project, produced by the amazing team who produced the record-breaking “Truth About Cancer” documentary series. Ty Bollinger and his team interviewed more than 60 of the world’s top vaccine experts from BOTH sides of this controversial issue to give parents the full story about vaccines.

It’s a new 7-part series called The Truth About Vaccines, and everyone needs to see it.

TTAV will investigate the origins of vaccines and where the government is heading…

This is YOUR chance to get the facts on both sides of the debate so that you can make the best decision when it comes to the health of your health, and the health of your children.

The full series starts on April 12th, but you can get a sneak preview right now.

Click Here To Register to watch the entire series for FREE.

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