Vaccines Are Terrible, But If We’re Being Honest…

Vaccine against Coronavirus in USA.

By Greg Glaser, JD, Vaxxter Contributor

Vaccines are the worst of course, but have you ever noticed that exposing vaccine danger actually creates a much larger health benefit?

For example, did your awareness of vaccine danger pre-Covid help prime your mental faculties, so you already knew instantly the Covid shots would be dangerous? If so, is it fair to say that previous vaccine danger helped you avoid an absolute catastrophe for your health this decade and probably your DNA?

Such is our world; where things that harm us routinely provide invaluable lessons that ultimately help us.  My friend Denis wrote a new book about this subject.

For many of us in the health freedom movement, vaccine risk awareness was our gateway to natural health. Vaccines opened our eyes to the larger universe of health freedom issues, empowering us to be instantly immune from today’s biggest threats: people desiring transhumanism and artificial intelligence. How many of our friends and family members lack this hard-won immunity?

Because so many people are not learning these lessons and healing, our world is becoming more extreme.

Artificial Intelligence

Earlier this month something hilarious happened on Twitter. A man posted his efforts at breaking the censorship of a popular artificial intelligence program called Chat GPT: See also for Bing AI:

What’s the big picture? Experts in artificial intelligence believe their technology will so radically transform the world in our lifetimes that politics is basically irrelevant.

In the words of quantum computer creator Geordie Rose:

“…a complete and utter transformative change, the likes of which has never been seen before in the history of humanity making the Industrial Revolution look like a little tiny blip… there are entities that are not necessarily going to be aligned with what we want so this transition is really really massively important for our entire species to navigate … this [artificial intelligence] is happening in the background while people bicker about politics and what what’s gonna be in the health care plan in the US and underneath it all is this rising tsunami.”

If this expert Geordie Rose is correct, then practically speaking, politics and culture are simply apologetics by those holding power.

Historically, politics and culture were completely dominated (almost predetermined) during the industrial revolution, because technology determined outcomes regardless of anyone’s politics or culture. In that sense, politics and culture were just apologetics for why societal outcomes were “true”.

The exact same pattern is happening today.

There are two competing forces for world domination right now (God and artificial intelligence), and everything else is a sideshow (practically speaking). Or in other words, either God or artificial intelligence will win, whilst politics and culture will engage in various apologetics to explain the truth of the winner.

Note the paradox: God’s people and AI’s people, despite being diametrically opposed ideologically, are saying the same thing about themselves:

  • We will predict and dominate the future
  • We are right
  • Our opponents shall convert or perish

Every one of those statements is true, about God.

God gives us a beautiful relationship, and God protects and nurtures that relationship. By contrast, AI just wants to extract data from us and dominate.

Want to know one of our greatest weaknesses this decade? It’s our need for modern identification.

All of these things in your life fundamentally depend on identification today: your rights, your citizenship status, your affiliations, your standing in court, your accounts, your privileges, your services, your land title, and more.

Go ahead, try accessing any of these without your identification, mostly meaning your name but often your numbers.

To control the world, the powers that be must control ID. Even national governments are now dependent on their organizational and corporate IDs for their transactions, bonds, taxes, and privileges.

Natural people today, like many Amish and other free men, who use zero modern ID are considered primitive. Yet they have a promising future post collapse.

Modern ID is the one ring of the entire control system. Not easy to unmake, is it?




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Greg Glaser is a conservative Christian and health freedom lawyer in California.

He was recently called a ‘human vaccine encyclopedia’ for his work with the litigation team opposing the UC’s mandatory flu shot. He is passionate about organic living and the Constitution.

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