We Should Be Mortified – But Not At Trump

by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

Months ago when the “debates” started, I said I would support any of the 17 candidates who became the contender against Hillary Clinton. So, do I still support Donald Trump? Very, very begrudgingly, yes I do.


  • I’ve read books about Secretary Clinton’s murderous ways.
  • I’ve watched many YouTube documentaries about her historical past. I’ve seen the Benghazi movie, 13-hours.
  • I’ve watched many dozens of hours of Congressional hearings, with blistering questions from Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Trey Gowdy (R-SC) regarding her classified emails and unsecured server.
  • I have read many articles about the slimy Clinton Foundation and their Pay-to-Play Plan.
  • I listen every day to the arguments put forth on conservative TalkRadio.
  • I have read how Secretary Clinton treated women who were involved with husband, Bill.
  • I have watched how she favored the banksters and how she has committed lie after lie, and has gotten away with it.
  • I have a strong opinion about her poor health.
  • I cannot support Johnson nor Stein – They really do not have Libertarian views, nor are they viable candidates to win. IMHO, neither could function in the job of American President if one were elected.
  • Mostly, I know too much inside information about Clinton’s plan for her “First 100 Days” regarding vaccines and more.

Is Trump an ideal candidate? Absolutely Not. Has he resonated with the frustration American’s feel over the lack of responsiveness in Washington? Absolutely Yes.  But it is a sad indictment of America when a few crude words supersede actual crimes, actual government corruption and the radical, anti-American agenda planned by the Clinton’s and their handlers.

So, is the recently released recording of Trump distasteful? Yes – of course. But why has this 11-year old tape caused such an uproar? Because it is eavesdropping on a conversation where the speakers thought they were boy-talking in private.

Nothing was said that hasn’t been said in movies, on TV, in rap music or through the multi-billion dollar porn industry. Nothing was said that hasn’t also been done by former President Bill Clinton. The snooty moral high ground by the liberal mainstream media, and the abandonment of Trump by Congressional cowards is nauseating. I agree with the memes and posts that have said:

If Americans are so outraged by Trump’s naughty words, then who bought 80 million copies of the trilogy of books, “50-Shades of Gray”?

This is why solid, value-holding American citizens do not run for political office. By age 35, when one is eligible to run for the office of President of the United States:

  • There is not a single person in America who has no embarrassing, stupid, crass, unkind, or illegal acts in their past (i.e. smoking pot in a state where it is not legal; drinking excessively and driving; or making an exaggerated claim on a tax return).
    • If you didn’t get caught, you’re safe.
    • But if someone finds out? Fireworks would erupt to negate your bid for office.
  • There is not a single person in America who hasn’t done something they regret, and would be mortified if that transgression was blasted across the news networks while running for office.

While this does not condone Trump’s language, does this recording elevate his language to a hate crime? Is this 11-year old clip reason enough to call for his removal as a candidate …when Hillary Clinton’s crimes remain untouched?

And…in the same 48 hour period, WikiLeaks dumped 2000 more emails about the horrors of Secretary Clinton’s unprotected server while working as Secretary of State….

Why hasn’t the DNC called for her replacement?

We have seen dirty politics before, but NOTHING like this. It appears these few weeks have been strategically timed by her camp to distract from everything she has done.  Her plan all along appears to have been to take naps and not campaign; simply mudsling until it was time to vote.

While I was in Europe this summer, every person I encountered from dozen’s of countries, raised an eyebrow regarding American politics. Their question?

What is happening to America? You have an obvious criminal and a not-so-good entertainer running for the most important job in the world. ONE OF THEM will be in a position to impact governments across the world – with trade, with economics, with nuclear weapons. How did you let this happen? 

If we could go backward in time 10 years and drop an episode from today’s FOX News or MNSBC Channel into a news report, what would have been our reaction? Would we have been appalled? Would we have taken steps to change the future direction of America?

Who are we? Is this [really] the best America and the best Americans can do? Where will we be by the end of November?

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