Australian Investigating ‘Illegal Vaccine-Free Kindergartens’

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The Victorian Government plans to investigate vaccine-free kindergarten safe havens for children who have been opted out of vaccine schedules.

According to Sky News.

Kindergartens which offer places to children who have not been vaccinated will be investigated by the Victorian government.

Illegal vaccine-free kindergartens are operating in Victoria in response to the government’s no jab, no play policy, prominent vaccine opponent Wendy Lydall says.

Australia’s “no jab, no play” policy is legislation created by the Victorian officials as a way of forcing parents to vaccinate their children out of desperation. Parents will lose the right to allow their children to attend kindergarten or use child care.

Vaccine free safe havens have been a last resort for many parents in Victoria, but now the Government seems intent on taking them down. This will leave many parents with no other option but home schooling. The heavy handed, fascist methods being utilized by Australia’s Government is all being carried out under the guise of a campaign titled, “Vaccinations save lives.”


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