Pharmaceuticals And Vaccines: The Incredibly Dangerous Combination

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The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines are a bad combination. The TPP’s details are a secretive set of dangerous precedents for our country. It’s an international treaty which trumps our U.S. law. And we can’t do anything about it. Watch this video to learn more about and how vaccines and pharmaceuticals are playing a critical and dangerous role in combination.

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2 Comments on "Pharmaceuticals And Vaccines: The Incredibly Dangerous Combination"

  1. Carole P Pateman | 07/17/2017 at 6:02 pm | Reply

    For some reason sane people in this country have gone completely insane on the subject of vaccines. First, if your child is vaccinated why are you so terribly worried about my child not being vaccinated…It should make no logical difference to you…think about it….

    Herd Immunity…no such thing…….Sounds great…a load of you know what.

    Measles….seriously??? You are in a total panic over THIS disease? or mumps or whooping cough…Come on…get a grip…Maybe your not the parent that wants to deal with a child getting sick from one of these illnesses…but STOP for a moment….If your child does get one of these diseases THEY ARE IMMUNE FOR LIFE…I know… it’s a scary concept isn’t it?

    Polio…now there’s one…Science tells us that the disease was ‘on the way out’ whilst Dr. Salk was putting his vaccine together and he along with other’s managed to prolong the epidemic with the vaccine…..Don’t take my word for this DO THE RESEARCH….If your too lazy to do the research, then continue on listening to your doctors touting their vaccines, but perhaps you might want to read the package inserts…just saying….you want to put that crap into your child on the off chance that it ‘might’ work…or…on the other hand could maim your precious child….DO THE RESEARCH…..

    I was totally pro-vax for many years, until…I started DOING THE RESEARCH…I still believe that vaccines in moderation have a place in our society, once retested and tested again…But today’s vaccines and the numbers given to our children in one dose alone..come on people.. THINK!!! Don’t be that person that can’t be wrong.. whatever it might do to your child…

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that, but please, allow me to have mine…I just want everyone that is so totally committed to vaccination to just take a step back, take a deep breath and then, start doing the research….

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