Girl Scount Cookie Sales Fund Vaccines In San Diego

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San Diego – Brownie Troop 3434 from Mira Mesa is donating their cookie money to fund rattlesnake vaccines for police dogs.

According to Fox5 out of San Diego:

“We send them into attics alone, crawl spaces we operate in very urban or rural areas throughout the county,” said Sergeant Jacob Pavlenko.

“Nobody likes snakes, nobody wants to be bitten by a snake so they thought the animals probably wouldn’t like that either and so they decided that was a good opportunity for them,” said Shannon Weaver, troop leader.

The troop donated roughly $900 on the anti-venom vaccines. One has to wonder if this is going to become a trend. Girl Scouts sell their popular cookies outside of stores and at offices all around the country on an annual basis. Girl Scouts being used as a funnel to promote vaccines wouldn’t be out of the realm of reason and logic.

“It’ll keep everybody safe by keeping the dogs out in the field. We don’t want them going down for a rattlesnake bite or anything like that so the more they’re out there, the safer everybody in this community is,” Pavlenko said.

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