INVESTIGATION: Over 200 People Suffer Flu Shot Injuries


“I feel it right here. It aches when I lift it that high,” said Brown, while trying to hold up her left arm.

“It was swollen and red and had a fever just to touch it was really really hot and I couldn’t move it,” Brown said.

A flu shot injury left Pansy Brown in incredible pain. She got her shot in 2011 at a Minute Clinic. According to, Brown was diagnosed with SIRVA, a shoulder injury related to vaccine administration.

“It’s a rare condition,” said Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, with the CDC.

Brown reached out to the clinic, pleading with them to cover the cost of her treatment, they however refused. But it isn’t just Brown who suffered the consequences of these shots.

So far this year, 222 SIRVA victims have been awarded more than $25 million. Brown is one of three victims in North Carolina that have been awarded money. She received $125,000. Three others are also waiting to hear their amount.

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