Was Mike Rowe Talking About Anti-Vaccine Doctors?

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One year ago, Mike Rowe took Facebook with his “The Way I Heard It” morning read. As per the usual, it was very thoughtful. Only this time, it was much more aimed at how the treatment of whistle blowers in the medical community are often condemned as insane.

The story he reads recounts the life of the doctor who discovered that germs, in a medical facility, could kill other patients. Ignaz Semmelweis, referred to by Rowe as “Iggy,” was a Hungarian physicist who pioneered antiseptic procedures in hospitals. At the time, however, doctors felt he was accusing them of killing people so rather than embrace his discoveries, they ousted him. Semmelweis was eventually committed to an insane asylum.

Doctors, such as Andrew Wakefield, have met similar resistance from their fellow medical colleagues. And it makes you wonder if Rowe had the antivaccine movement in mind when he created this video.

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