CDC updates immunization schedule: New Gardasil Doubles Aluminum

Photo by Raed Mansour
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A new super version of the HPV vaccine, which is called HPV9, will translate into a more jarring rush of aluminum for those who decide to take it. It will be sold by the name of Gardasil 9.

Via naturalhealth365.

..the new version actually has double the toxic aluminum of the previous one. How the potential risks of aluminum exposure are worth any supposed benefits is hard to believe by any reasonable (thinking) person.

The World Health Organization has found that the death rate from cervical cancer is actually 2.5 times LOWER than the very serious complications and side effects documented from the HPV vaccine. In some parts of the world, HPV vaccine risks are as much as FOUR TIMES higher than the cervical cancer death rate.

Here’s the label information direct from the manufacturer. Check out my fun red arrows.

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That sounds safe, doesn’t it?

Photo by Raed Mansour



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