Montana Pressures Native Americans To Get Flu Shots Because They Are More ‘Prone’ To Flu

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Tis’ the season to be pressured into a flu shot, whether it be at work or at school. And in Montana, you apparently just need to be a Native American to prompt fears of flu symptoms.

Via NBC Montana

Workers at the Missoula Urban Indian Health Center are emphasizing the need for Native Americans to get flu shots. The center serves about 1,000 patients, and most are Native American.

Health workers say Native Americans are prone to health complications from the flu, which can be fatal.

Medical assistant Marina Powers says the flu shot is highly recommended for natives for several reasons.

“Our culture is more prone to diabetes and other health complications, such as lung diseases, cancers and stuff like that. So we are more recommended highly to get the vaccination,” said Powers.

It seems as if every group of people is a high priority flu shot demographic. The elderly, babies, those who have jobs, those who work in healthcare facilities, those who travel…and now, Native Americans.

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