Pet Owner Warns Of Vaccine Dangers After Dog Dies

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Joann Saathoff’ took her beloved Pomeranian in for vaccines. The 14-year-old dog passed away 12 days later. And now Saathoff wants to spread awareness about the dangers of pet vaccines.

According to kxan

It all started when Lexy went in for her annual check up. She was evaluated by the vet first, who said Lexy was in good health. Then Lexy received five shots, the same exact group of shots she’d received the year before. Within a few hours, Saathoff said her active dog had grown lethargic.

She took Lexy back to the vet the next day and they said her reaction was common, so they gave her an antibiotic and fluids. But Lexy’s condition continued to decline, the six pound dog threw up everything she ate. When she died, she weighed only three pounds. Saathoff said the cause of Lexy’s death was starvation, but the veterinarian told her that it started with the vaccinations which were “too much for her system.”

Saathooff began researching.

“I found out there’s a lot of senior dogs out there that can’t handle the full regimen of vaccinations,” she said.

Saathoff’s main message isn’t’ the blame the vet, rather, to expand the dissemination of information regarding options for pets, particularly those of an elder status. Of course, the article goes on to feature a vet explaining how rare these pet vaccine reactions are, however, that does nothing in the way of comforting this family after the loss of their family pet.

However, what’s telling is that the vet features in the article, Jenna Mize, who works out of Austin, admits to insufficient science.

“The problem is there isn’t data on vaccines and older dogs, the science isn’t there, the research isn’t there,” she said.

The awareness campaign is targeting those with senior dogs and hoping to teach people to ask questions regarding pet vaccine safety.

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  1. Like most mammals, dogs make ALL the vitamin C they need in their livers. This means they have immunity to almost any pathogen. Human beings (like Guinea Pigs, Fruit eating bats and Chimpanzees) do NOT convert glucose to vitamin C. Because of this, they must have it in their diets. Dogs and cats that eat healthy NON-GMO foods? They’ll be pretty much immune to anything.

    Randy G. Ice was right: Vaccines are a big money maker and we receive routine notices from our vet that our two cats are “due” for this or that vaccine. What a racket! But as with people vaccines, we MUST learn to say “no!” or “hell-no!”

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