Teenage Vaccine Injured Child Passes Away

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Colton was a lover of motorcross and indoor skydiving. After receiving his third dose of the HPV vaccine, he began having neck pains. He went for one last motorcycle ride. He began feeling nauseous the next day and his neck pain intensified. That night, he asked his mom to help him drink water.

“Mom, can you give that to me in my left hand. I can’t use my right arm very good; it is weak.”

He was eventually paralyzed. An MRI taken at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City showed inflammation in his spinal cord and neck.

The doctor reported his findings to VAERS.

Here is Colton’s full story.

Heather Lee Laurence of Middleburg, Florida, revealed that Colton passed away, but has given no other details into the very sad situation. She ask that everyone keep his family in your “thoughts, hearts, and prayers.”

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