Veterans Potentially Given Bad Flu Shots In San Diego

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More than 1,500 veterans were possibly given “compromised” flu shots at a VA in San Diego. The excuse given? Bad refrigeration. VA staff caught the issue when they noticed that the refrigerator temperature had risen beyond the safe and recommended levels, 36 to 46 degrees. Worse more, the VA is claiming that temperature notification alarms “failed” to work properly. The hospital claims the refrigerator was “only 8 degrees” above acceptable levels.

The hospital’s director claims there will be no bad side effects and the solution, as luck might have it, is to come back in for another flu shot.

The director of the hospital says, according to 10news,  there are no negative side effects to getting a bad flu shot but this isn’t the start to flu season they wanted.

“I am very unhappy this happened here. This is really unacceptable that we did not catch this sooner and prevent these doses from reaching patients,” said SDVA Director Robert Smith. “That’s something I’m going to be looking into and how it can be prevented in the future.”

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