Woman Post Video Of Police Asking For Vaccine Documentation At School

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A parent named Porsha Rasheed has posted a new video on Facebook showing a police officer asking her about her child’s vaccine status. The video has recently gone viral and caused a great deal of controversy.

Please watch this Video and share I am. I am being set up by the Claremont school district to be arrested and they are trying to force me to give my child immunization shots! I woke up this morning and walked my kids to the bus stop like I always do. Guess who was waiting the Claremont police department along with another man asking me about my child’s shots! I called the police department to make a complaint for harassment and was told by the sergeant, that me not giving my kids shots is a criminal act and that I will be arrested. This is why they were at the bus stop to try to incriminate me by me attempting to them that my son does not have any shots. This is crazy!! I want the world to know if I am arrested this is why! I will follow up with the facts!!!! Of this situation! Please watch and share

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