Woman With Breast Cancer Slams Pink Marketing As ‘Hoax”

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Facebook user Tracie Marie posted a photo of herself fighting breast cancer, along with a strong condemnation of the breast cancer “pink” awareness campaign that inundates our stores, products, and even the NFL. Her very emotional and direct post has been shared almost 50k times. She claims the very people that preach helping through “pink purchases” do not help at all.

“First, a hard reality, you are not being part of the cure, you’re just throwing your money away to propaganda, uniforms for NFL cheerleaders, and kiosk after kiosk with items from handbags to ziplock bags. It’s all a hoax. They are not trying to fight the cure. Most of their funding goes to advertisement, 6 figure CEO salaries. And when I asked for help, I wasn’t given any, DENIED. Denied by the very people who claimed they would help me in their “advertising”. A pink ribbon isn’t the men and women fighting for their lives with metastatic breast cancer.”

She also goes after the “model” type pictures of women with simple scars and perfect reconstructive surgery and says it is incredibly costly and a lot of fantasy.

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