WATCH: 47% Of Dentists Still Use Mercury Fillings

What do you think about dentists still using mercury fillings?

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1 Comment on "WATCH: 47% Of Dentists Still Use Mercury Fillings"

  1. It should be ILLEGAL and automatic MALPRACTICE ago use any dental filling containing mercury. The key one is “amalgam” with its mercury content not evident in the substance name.

    Some dental insurance only covers “amalgam” filling material because it is CHEAPER than resin or other composite types. Or if the insurance covers all the major types the dentist chooses the one with mercury…presumably to make more profit.

    When you go to a dentist and fill out new patient forms, write all over it NO AMALGAM, Then, before your filling reassert no amalgam. I did not do this and in 2016 I had 2 very small fillings and I go home and see the silver in my mouth, because I assumed no dentist in their right mind would be putting this hazardous material into a patient in 2016. WRONG…these people have NO ETHICS!

    I had previously had all silver fillings removed so the dentist could see there was no amalgam I’m my mouth…he chose to ignore that and went ahead with what HE wanted without checking what the patient wants. There is no true INFORMED CONSENT when patients are never informed in advance of the materials, treatments, and potential reactions.

    The other option is to only go with a dentist who doe NOT use any amalgam.

    Medical professionals ignore the Hippocratic do no harm, in favor of their own enrichment. I include doctors in this who push vaccines as safe and NEVER supply a copy of the vaccine insert before injecting it in you or your children, filled with toxic ingredients.

    I am absolutely sickened at the state of dental and medical care in this country where it is clear that profits are far more important than patients.

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