8 Schools Opt Out Of Vaccines Because ‘Humans Are Naturally Immune’

Photo by CDC Global Health
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The movement to stop vaccinations in Indonesia just got more fuel. Eight religious-based schools in the Yogyakarta district have opted out of all vaccines, according to Coconuts.co.

According to the head of Yogyakarta’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, Lutfi Hamid, the eight schools, consisting of elementary and middle schools in Bantul, Sleman and the region’s capital city of Yogyakarta, rejected the vaccines for various reasons, one of which was that the vaccines used for the immunization are considered haram (there is a conspiracy theory amongst some Muslims that vaccines contain ingredients derived from pigs and are thus forbidden to Muslims.

Lufti said another reason cited by some of the schools is that people are already naturally immune and thus don’t require vaccines.

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“They think that even without immunization, humans are already immune,” Lutfi said as quoted by Kompas.

The article called it a move based on an anti-science movement. The article also contends that the idea of pig ingredients in vaccines is conspiracy theory.

Indonesia is also a country that jails Doctors who speak out against the government, so my guess is this is just the start of an all out war.


Photo by CDC Global Health

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